Thursday, October 04, 2007


And you wonder why coaches don't read the newspaper

Unsolicited advice for Mike Keenan, from Stats Guy Alan Ryder at the Globe & Mail: give Byron Ritchie more shootout opportunities, and play Andrew Ference more on the penalty kill.

Super. I'm sure the Flames' media liaison will pass that on.


Sweet, a Lowetide reference.

Hopefully not too long until LT has a 2 page weekly column in the Journal.


AT least he got the part about Giordano being undervalued right.

I like that he thinks Ryder (the Montreal one) should be on the PK.

Has this guy watched any hockey before?

Looks like Mr. Stats Guy reads BOA because these unexcusable mistakes aren't in the article anymore. Either that, or he had his 3-year old kid proofread since he posted.

Hopefully that intraweb thingy gets to Toronto soon.

Yeah, it got edited (you'll have to take my word for it now). For those who still want to pick, there's the spitballing about a return to 2005/06 form by Fernando Pisani.

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