Wednesday, September 12, 2007


You think?

Breaking News: recent contracts for successful goalies "may offer a rough range" for other successful goalie's new contract
Neither side would comment about the specifics of negotiations, but the average salaries for netminding aces Martin Brodeur ($5.2 million) and Roberto Luongo ($6.75 million) may offer a rough range for the 30-year-old Finn's prospective pay hike.

Developing, shurely.


Typical local newspaper fodder...

the sensationalized, the dumbed-down or the staggeringly obvious.

Funny stuff. I also read today that Hossa is looking for "Thornton money". I thought "that's all?" Kipper and Hossa are examples of guys who will have offers far above their comparables' salaries if they just wait it out. I don't know what incentive they have to sign early for anything less. Even if they love their current situation they can always choose to sign for less after July 1. They are established enough that a down year would likely be overlooked as an anomaly.

Look at a team like Colorado. They will shed TheOdour's 5.7M cap hit after this season, and could easily afford to pay Kipper 8M/yr even with the raises due Liles and Wolski. That would make them an instant cup favorite.

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