Tuesday, September 04, 2007


BoA 2.0

Here's the deal: I'm going to very slowly play around at redesigning this site. Certain elements will stay (like my sexy banner), but I'd like to tinker with some stuff for better usage. If people want to make suggestions about things that can be improved on the site, please share it here. I do not mean content-wise. Matt and I can handle that ourselves, thanks. I mean in terms of design, features, applications, feeds, tricks to fool people into coming to this site, how I can get rich, stuff like that. Also, if anyone is a computer genius and is willing to help with, or do, coding, they won't hear me say no. Just email me, and I'll suck your brain dry.

Oh, and congrats to PPP for making it to the show. I'm sure he's raking in that Athletics Nation traffic already. Don't forget about us little guys, PPP!


TO get a lot of people to come to your site, use things like blog catalogue and blogorama. I didnt think the directories worked but when I tried them on a blog i used to have I got most of my traffic from them.

Also, if anyone is a computer genius and is willing to help with, or do, coding, they won't here me say no.

How about adding an editor?

(See, I can be cheeky/annoying in the comments, too.)

One word Andy:

Lots of porn.

Guaranteed traffic.

You can thank me later.

"Hockey" and "Porn" in the same title sentence. Instant fame!

Dudes, you don't need no bells and whistles.

Angelina Jolie in a hockey sweater, fishnet stockings and heels. The guys I know would be pulled in by that even if they hate hockey.

(More tasteful than porn.)

As for actual hockey fans, no changes are necessary, but if you want to tweak go for it.

How about adding an editor?

This site is owned by the community, James. No profit is made, and so we can't afford to pay for an editor. Pretty much the same as the EIG, just like you described.

What's that Grabby? I can't here you.

Thanks for the well wishes Andy.

I'll do my best to spread Blez's crumbs to my favourite sites.

Didn't you retire or something?

I like to continually disappoint you.

Back to the subject at hand. Actual suggestions, anyone? Bueller?

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I suggest incorporating more Phaneuf pics and graphics.

at the risk of becoming to 'meta' or being seen as corporate (or whatever EIG is) lackeys, how bout some BoA swag.

I've long thought about some swag. I'll add it to my list of possibilities, pending ultimate approval by my Overlord (Matt). Appreciate the suggestion.

Question: do people prefer the two-column blog, or the three column blog?

Do you have enough stuff to cram into 3 columns?

As for real suggestions, let's see...:

An updated, on-going glossary as opposed to an archived one would be one idea. Otherwise, the only other piece of glitz would be a calendar of both team's schedules, with BoAs highlighted.

If I knew how to do that on our blog, I would.

I'm looking at doing the schedule thing. It's gonna be a bitch, though.

I wonder if I can do a Wiki glossary? Anyone?

I think everytime you mouse over the Oilers symbol on the banner, a large 5 should flash on the screen, when you mouse over the Flames symbol, a small one should appear in the upper left corner;)

That is a great idea. Thank-you very much!

"I think everytime you mouse over the Oilers symbol on the banner".... show Pronger holding the cup.

An idea that made me laugh my ass off, but I can't see me doing it. Good one, though!

With all of the traffic you get here, I would get a better banner made. Maybe integrate both Flames and Oilers colors in backgrounds or something.

Cool headers for each sidebar title?

Would you ever go with 3 columns?

I asked people about 3 columns, but didn't get any feedback. Why do you prefer 3 columns? Having skins for people to choose from is definitely on my list. That way both Oilers and Flames fans can have a site that suits their prediliction. The banner will probably stay, simply because Matt and I are fond of it. Thank-you very much for the feedback.

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