Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Turn, Turn, Turn

I'd like to recommend that people read James Mirtle's site for his reporting on the NHLPA meetings last week, including an interesting post on Shawn Horcoff. Jim Matheson has a story today in the Edmonton Journal about possibilities for the Oilers' captainship. Horcoff, Steve Staios and Ethan Moreau are all listed as potential candidates. I wonder about all three. Horcoff has been very active in the NHLPA as the Oiler' player rep and as a member of the committee looking for a new union boss. But being the captain of an NHL team doesn't just involve on-ice and locker room responsibilities. It means becoming, essentially, the face of the franchise, and taking on all the public relations and media responsibilities that come with it. How much time will Horcoff have to do any of that if he is also heavily involved in the PA? Moreau is to me the obvious choice, but I wonder if his harsh, and public, words about the Jason Smith trade have destroyed his chances. As for Staios, I wonder if he is too old to be named the captain. He is 34. Skipping over a veteran leader because he is old may sound outlandish, but going with a young or middle-aged player who is likely to be with the franchise for an extended period of time makes a great deal of sense. It provides a stability that is beneficial both on the ice, as well as off of it. As Mirtle notes in his excellent pieces, that same dilemma is currently facing the NHLPA. They have to bring in new voices, but they can't make the older players outcasts, either. Harsh and public words have also been exchanged there, as well as lawsuits, and the consequence is a union torn apart. What to do, then, to unite the troops, rebuild, and move together as a formidable unit? That is a question both the Edmonton Oilers and the NHL Players Association will seek to answer during the upcoming season.


Moreau was Smith's roommate (?? - aren't these guys married?) so no wonder.

I think he is the choice though.

Him or Matt Greene.

Mirtle? Pfft. I don't trust the hockey media.

Him or Matt Greene.

You made me cough up my lunch. Thanks.

First vote goes to Moreau, second vote to Pisani (sigh), distant third to Horc - he puts on the good face for the media when he needs to, but seems forced alot of the time to me.

Andy - this link goes to all of the NHLPA pieces.

Thanks for the kind words.

Going with an older player might not be a bad idea. Detroit went with an older captain this year in Lidstrom, probably as a transition to a young player like Zetterberg when he retires in a couple years. If they don't hink one of the young guys is ready quite yet they may go that route.

Him or Matt Greene.

Greene beat up Geoff Paukovich  
the other day,
He's a Leader!

Andy - this link goes to all of the NHLPA pieces.

Duh. I'm an idiot. I'm still not used to labels on Blogger. And I'm rusty at this blogging bit. Thanks.

Whats the hurry with picking a captain? I say don't anoint anybody yet and let someone emerge.

Ales Hemsky. And no, I'm not kidding.

What about Stoll?

Don't people always say he's captain material?

No. Not Stoll. We don't want to elevate his market value this year, as he will be a FA at the end of the season.

Greene! Greene! Greene!

Greene's not a bad idea. We could use him for tradebait midway through the season if we gave him the big C.

What about Stoll?

I was going to suggest Stoll in the post, but I forgot. I think he might have a shot, but only as a Ed Stelmach/Stephane Dion sort of choice. He's too young, and not Sidney Crosby.

Skipping over a veteran leader because he is old may sound outlandish

You're right about that! I think Staios is it, in the absence of good candidates (shame they can't pick Roli).

Dark horse pick: Sanderson.

Dark horse pick: Sanderson.

No horse was EVER that dark.

Whoever it is will be the bridge to Stoll, assuming that his health is fine and they get him signed longterm.

All joking about Greene aside I think Moreau or Staios would be the frontrunners and I would guess it would be Ethan.

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