Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The Suffering of San Fernando

I go out for an hour, and all hell breaks loose. The casualty list is getting pretty damn high for this team. Fernando Pisani, out indefinitely. Sonofabitch. My favorite Oiler. The father of 34, my illegitimate Stanley Cup-run baby. Who the hell do I cheer for now? Who plays those quality minutes against the opposing team's top line? Whose name do I scream out after every glorious goal scored? WHY, GOD, WHY!?!?

***Wednesday Morning Update***

No word yet from Kevin Lowe on a next move. As Lowetide has so astutely stated, this is a huge problem for the Oilers. They already needed more seasoned NHL players, and now they've lost one. A damn good one. It may not the equivalent of losing Chris Pronger or Ryan Smyth, but it is a huge loss nonetheless. Instead of looking for one more veteran, or maybe a single rookie to eat up some minutes and possibly make the leap, he now has to look for two bodies. But he is unlikely to find a Pisani comparable on the free agent market, or at the rookie training camp. So even when he adds, he loses. There is extra money now freed up, but Lowe's also working from a position of vulnerability. What could he possibly get in a trade return that wouldn't leave fans, his staff and even himself feeling less than pleased? I haven't enjoyed many of the moves Kevin Lowe has made over the past year, but this morning I feel for him. His job just became that much more difficult.

Here's Mirtle's last list on UFA's, for those curious to know what is still on the market. Mike Johnson is the name that pops up most around the Oilogosphere as a guy the team should sign. But other than that, and unless you count Forsberg or Selanne in play (which I don't), there isn't much to choose from. I'd almost prefer the team move Steve Staios back up to the wing and sign Danny Markov than have them acquire Anson Carter or someone of that ilk. Actually, forget the "almost." Make it an "absolutely certain." You know who is laughing his ass off today? Brian Burke. Those picks he acquired for Dustin Penner are starting to look pretty tasty.



Andy, imagine our RWs if Hemsky gets hurt.

Bite your tongue! Quick, knock on wood!

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A naturopath could fix him right up.

Dr. Drobot in cow-town. Someone book him an appointment.

He'll be ready by training camp.

Doctor D'robot? Pisani will return as a cyborg!

Andy, imagine our RWs if Hemsky gets hurt.

Ales and I have our squabbles, but I love him all the same. His loss would finish me, nay!, all of us. He needs to be coddled, protected at all costs. Maybe acquiring the fists of Souray and the beard of Penner weren't such bad ideas after all.

A naturopath could fix him right up.

Why not a fucking voodoo witch doctor while we're at it?

Why not a fucking voodoo witch doctor while we're at it?

I could care less, as long as it worked. I just want to find San Fernando and hold him in my loving arms. Ssshhhhh.

I just wanna congratulate myself again on that graphic, by the way. I could stare at it for hours. It's purty.

A beautiful title as well.

Johnson is the obvious choice here - this is something that can be treated but it could also be the season for him.

Apparently this began to manifest itself last season. Apaprently it can go into remission - it must have.

Dear littlefury,

Did you know that there are over 1200 certified witchdoctors in this country alone?

I bet you think there isn't a two-tier health care system in this country either.

Don't worry, I'm sure the 'medical' system will concoct a magic little pill to cure your ignorance.

Oh God, Mitzel. I've seen you eat enough McDonalds to kill a barn full of horses. Let's just stick to hockey.

C'mon AG, I've been in blog retirment all summer. I'm feeling fiesty!

Though you should totally interview one of these whichdoctors and get the skinny on Ulcerative Colitis. You could be like Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus!

There's like, a dozen whichdoctors practicing voodoo in Edmonton AS WE SPEAK!


Are you drunk? You started spelling it "whichdoctors," and I suddenly feel like I'm in a Dr. Seuss book.

Oooh looks like my stereotyping of naturopaths has hit a nerve. I guess we should stick to good old ethnic stereotypes, eh Drizz? "Pisani's outta da lineupa? Dat's a spicah meatball-ah!"

As opposed to being in an Alvin and the Chipmunks song?

Walla, walla, bing, bang.

I believe Fernando himself confessed to eating a big plate of mom's pasta before every game in his Oiler Podcast.

And whether it's a witch doctor or a whichdoctor. As long as it's the right doctor.

*sigh* I'd forgotten how much I'd missed the BoA.

Wait...is thedrizz involved with one of these witch doctors?

Maybe, but which doctor?

Yea clearly Ferando doesn't need a medical doctor who deals in that silly little notion of "science", he needs to consult one of the Wacks that drizzler is pushing. Why not just skip people trained to heal altogether and say we needs to steal the Stanely Cup (or have Dustin Penner borrow it...) and rub it against Ferando's stomache as we all know the mighty healing powers of the Holy Grail.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that most of us could care less about this argument that the Drizzler started. How about we talk about the actual issue at hand, which is how the Oilers are going to replace Pisani?

A: They aren't.

Get used to it, Edmonton.

They don't need to replace him. they need to send him to a Naturopath so that the problem is resolved in time for the start of the season.


A: They aren't.

Get used to it, Edmonton.

Oh, snap. You sure showed us!

Shit, I don't know. O'Marra? Can Pouliot play wing?

Sam Gagner - our new hockey saviour?

So if he misses a chunk/all of the season is he on the books regarding salary cap? If no I suppose if the EAG wants to pony up some bling to acquire a replacement that would be the option. But is it fair to say they're cheap and they would have to promote from within regardless?

I think, more than anything, that the loss of Pisani dramatically underscores the Oilers’ need for a true first line centre.

Losing a right winger forces the Oilers' hands at centre? Can you explain that, please?

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