Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Oilers' New Jersey Leaked

***September 13th Update*** For any reading this older post, my apologies for the misdirection. Click here to see the actual jersey leak that happened on September 13th.

Okay, so I made that bit up. But the Oilers want you to know that you can pre-order your new jersey today. Of course, you'll have no idea what it looks like, and they won't tell you, but what's $319.99 towards something you've never seen? Pennies, right?

I'd actually be pretty happy if they went back to the jersey Al Hamilton has on in that link. That thing is hot.

Covered in Oil scooped us on the new Flames jersey. Man, those flag patches are awful. Their existence on the Flames jerseys probably means we will get them as well, unless Cal Nichols can figure out a way to get an image of Stephen Mandel on the shoulder.

Damn. They beat me to the Al Hamilton jersey, too.

We should have had a fake jersey contest on here. Shit. Why do I always think of this stuff afterwards? Well, if anyone wants to have some fun with photoshop and send me their results, feel free. If they are decent I'll post them.


Thankfully the Flames only tinkered around the edges with their look. There are so many ways to do this wrong (almost all of which can be seen on the Canucks' gear) that it seems to be strangely difficult to do it right (the Habs released their jerseys today and they are perfect. This does not have to be hard).

I dunno about the flags on the shoulders, I expect they'll grow on me. I would like them better if the Oil also did it (which makes me feel odd inside). I'd like it even better if the Flames/Oilers jointly came up with a distinctive Alberta shoulder patch of their own.

Those patches are just horrible. I imagine the blue would look less awful on the Oilers jerseys, but it is painful to look at the one on the red Flames jersey.

As for the distinctive Alberta shoulder patch, wouldn't their logos meet that criterion?

I just don't get why they thought they had to use the complete Alberta flag with all its blueness. A patch featuring only the crest part would have made way more sense.

Overall, though, I think the jerseys are great. But the flags, like Vancouver's city nameplate, feel tacked on and inconsistent with the design. Interesting idea, kind of, but the execution torpedoed it. I suspect they'll be gone by next season.

Or why not make the flag monochromatic in shades of black and red?

At first glance it looks like the Flames slapped a Pepsi ad on their jerseys.

Who designs these things? Is this something in-house? Yuck.

It reeks of some sort of attempt at political ass-kissing, to me. How and why, I dunno, but considering the million other ways they could have achieved the same objective, I'm stumped at coming up with another reason.

Perhaps both Alberta teams that want a provincially paid for arena will sport the flag on their sleeves.

I suspect chris! is right and this will be a one year experiment.

I also wish Canadians would give the whole national pride thing a rest, for once.

In unrelated news, fuck a duck.

And now that I see that, I should clarify: an expression of anger and frustration, not an ad for bestial porn.

Damn, Doogie beat me to it...

on a related note,


(Directed at Oilers fans and not Pisani himself. I hope he's okay)

In other news, Kevin Lowe can't buy a break:


So what's worse, this or the Moreau slap to the helmet?

LOL, I am a blind fool, disregard my really really really slow self.

In unrelated news, fuck a duck.

Normally I'd make a Chris Pronger joke, but this news is so sad my heart's just not in it.

I heard that the Oilers were going to put a picture of Stephen Mandel on one shoulder and Ed Stelmach on the other - because if you are going to do some political ass-kissing, you might as well do it right. Forget the subtle shit.

As an Albertan, I am thrilled that the provincial flag is on the jersey, even though the color doesn't really go with the red and black. Would love it if the Oilers did it as well - of course, then they would just be copying the Flames.

However, a thought has occurred, despite my bubbling provincial pride. The Marketing grad in me wonders why they went with the straight Alberta flag and not some stylized emblem with provincial themes that they could leverage as a secondary logo for merchandising purposes. Love the flag, but it seems like an opportunity missed. Sure, the good times are rolling now, but at some point the extra merchandising $ would be welcome.

Here's a question for Dave, and any other marketing people out there: is there any wisdom in the Oilers releasing their jersey on a Friday? I say no, but that's because my communications knowledge is related to politics. In politics, you release the bad news on a Friday, because no one reads the weekend paper, and because people have better things to do on a weekend than get mad about some political eff-up. On The West Wing, they called Friday "taking out the trash" day. But maybe there is a reason here that I am missing, and I'd be interested to know if anyone could supply one.

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