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Oilers Game Day: Falling Leaves Division

Pre-Season Record: 1-0-0 Season Record: 0-0-0

The Panthers beat Calgary + the Oilers beat the Panthers = The Oilers kicked the Falmes' asses and this season's Battle of Alberta is over before it even started. It's true, check out the standings on yahoo -- Calgary is dead last, folks. Get used to it.

A few questions were answered last night:

"That's the closest you'll get to a perfect game . . . He wasn't in the wrong position all night . . Made great plays with the puck, scored two goals, had a beautiful shorthanded assist, big block at the end. There's nothing he didn't do tonight . . . That was a hell of a game." -- Mac-T

"THIS is how players win jobs" -- Lowetide

Tonight it's the Leafs. This is my first time living in the centre of Leaf Nation, and it is hilarious. Last week the radio stations and newspapers were all abuzz at Paul Maurice announcing that that the Leafs would -- along with the other 29 teams in the league -- compete for the Stanley Cup this season! More than that, he said that they would even make the playoffs! Whooo boy, with lofty goals like that it is no wonder they enjoy such resounding success over the last 40 years.

Let's go with 4-1 Oil. Hemsky with 2 and Pogge robbing him of his hat trick in the final 5 minutes.


"This is my first time living in the centre of Leaf Nation, and it is hilarious."

Indeed, it took me a while to get used to it. Oilers fans are eternally optimistic, but reasonably so, I think. Leafs fans are just deluded to the point of insanity, thanks in no small part to a even crazier media that has been saying Toronto is one or two pieces away from a Cup dynasty every year for the past decade. AND THEY BUY IT!

I can hardly wait until the deadline when the Leafs are 13 points out of eighth and Sundin quietly requests a trade to Anaheim so we never have to this goddamned question ever again:


Sorry, link is here.

7-5 Oilers with the offensive scrubs playing. Pogge is going to get pulled after the 3rd goal in 2 minutes.

Still no word on the captaincy, huh?

Living in Leaves' land is very interesting. I did it for half a year once, and was so glad to get out. They are hilarious!

It's nice to get some different teams in the pre-season before we play Vancouver and Calgary ten times in the next month!

This is where Toronto's Stanley Cup runs begins, guys. Pogge is the second coming of the great Felix Potvin. Matt Stajan makes Doug Gilmour look like Nick Stajduhar. This is it. This is the day.

As such, a 3-1 Oilers victory. I cannot for the life of me find an Oilers' lineup as of this writing, so I'm just going to wing it and say "Torres 2, Jacques" (because it's pre-season and that's what JFJ does, boyos).

I don't think I'll ever get used to living in Leafland, and I'm not even trying to follow one particular team.

At least I've got the Leafs TV so I can watch this one... anyone know if Gagner is playing?

"Indeed, it took me a while to get used to it. Oilers fans are eternally optimistic, but reasonably so, I think."

Remember The Vaunt?

5-0 Leafs with Stajan picking up a Gilmour-like 1 goal and 2 assists and Pogge getting a Cujo-like shutout.

thanks in no small part to a even crazier media that has been saying Toronto is one or two pieces away from a Cup dynasty every year for the past decade. AND THEY BUY IT!

What media might you be referring to?

Going to go with 3-1 Leafs, but I don't care what happens as long as I can watch the game on the NHL video site.

No idea if Gagner plays again tonight. Here's the list that didn't see action last night:



The injury question marks are Souray (back) and Cogliano (ankle).

Hopefully the stats guys hold off on drinking until after the game so they're able to see straight enough that info posted on NHL.com is accurate beyond jersey numbers.

Gagner is out. The lineups have been released on the Oilers site.

Somehow I dropped Carter off that list...wishful thinking I guess. Also didn't included Huxley.

Anyway, CiO has the lineup. Looks like Grebs and Greene are the only ones playing back to back (no Souray yet either).

With Huxley in, some fists will be flying tonight.

Hemsky won't be able to go for a hat trick tonight as he's not playing. Basically the guys that played yesterday aren't playing today.
Souray is not in the Oilers line-up for tonight's game though, so his back must be bothering him more than he let on, which is unfortunate.
Even though it is only pre-season I can't wait to go down to Rexall tonight and boo Darcy Tucker.

4-3 Oil with Stoll scoring 2.

I really hope they interview Marty during an intermission tonight. The guy is gold.

4th Line


The fur's gonna be flyin'!

Pouliot gets run out on RW again.

What media might you be referring to?

All of them? Toronto could lose in OT in their first game, win the second, and CBC/Star/TSN/Globe&Mail would fight over who got to be the first one to project a 120-point season.

thats a load of shit

Find one Toronto media outlet that has projected the Leafs to be anything above mediocre over the last years.

It's funny. Here we are on a lovely late summer evening with the sun having lost its bite and somewhere near Toronto an entire family worries that Mats Sundin will have to retire before he wins the Cup God promised the people of the land of milk and honey.

The game is online for free if anyone is interested.

Actually living here in the centre of the universe I have to say anon two is right - the print media for the most part (especially most columnists - Shoalts, the Hat (although he is out of Calgary), Cox etc) tend to mock the Leafs and run them down pretty solid. Its the "Tony from Woodbridge" types on the talk radio - old Joe Fan - who believes the Leafs are a step away from a Cup every season. The only thing the media is guilty of is the over the top coverage - constant constant constant - its wearying. That and all "The Passion That Unites Us" crap. They are a brand now - like the Cubs - run by suits whose obsession with the bottom line make EIG look like the Little Sisters of Mercy by comparison.

BDHS has it on the button.

None of the guys I work with think the Leafs are anything but mediocre. And we all know that's the problem, Joe Fan keeps coming back for more and there's no motivation by the Teachers' Pension Plan to actually win, cause it won't actually put any more fannies in the seats and make them more money. Besides, the Corporate types lock a whack of the seats up anyway.

I rather like a lot of the Leaf players, it's a shame really. Kaberle, Sundin, Poni, Kilger, hell even oft-injured Antropov desearve better.

Grebeshkov, eh? This is all turning out to well. It's gonna end gruesomely, I just know it.

No worries, from all reports Grebs is the second coming of chaos almighty.

After hearing Roloson's station ID on CHED tonight, I am torn between a diagnoses of Blunt Affect Disorder or a beta blocker habit.

I'd agree with most of the above posters; the Leafs aren't so much overrated as overdiscussed. The HNIC coverage in particular makes a game involving the Leafs into a study of whether the Leafs played well or gave the game away; one seldom hears that the other team is more talented and is more deserving of attention (I imagine Ottawa fans notice this most acutely).

A fine example was SportsCenter on TSN tonight. You'd never even have known the Oilers were also playing.

Hey, can the Flames play Florida for the entire season?

i love you dustin i live in bottineau nd and i love to watch you play

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