Monday, September 10, 2007


Hope Springs Eternal

I'll be attending the Bears/Rookies game again this evening, and as usual I'm pretty damn excited about it. It's always a great time. Plus, this year, there will be about 6,000 top Oilers prospects to get foolishly horny over, as compared to the normal 2 or 3. Here's my post from the game last year, as well as the video of the Hockey Jesus performing miracles. Just ignore the screen capture of Lupul in the video. IT. NEVER. HAPPENED.

l'll have a review of the game up later tonight, and hopefully some good pics, too.


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Sorry! All fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

so i was at this game tonight, proudly wearing my FLAMES jersey, and found my self laughing at the ineptidude of the MINI-COILERS.

Cogliano made a lot of mistakes and was impotent defensively

DUBYNK let in a sham goal and was otherwise mediocre

Trukno and the much-hyped vitaly karushmakov were invisible and never pulled the trigger.

OMARA was awful. so many stupid penalties that led to bears goals and deflated team spirit. this guy is DOA.

needless to say, i thoroughly enjoyed myself

Yeah, I think I saw you. You were the one being very quiet and trying not to attract attention.

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