Saturday, September 22, 2007


Battle Game Day: Fo Sho

Pre-Season Record: 2-1-0
Pre-Season Record: 0-2-1


Battle of Alberta time, folks! It's a Saturday, it's getting cold, and even though it's just the pre-season, the Flames and Oilers are playing some hockey. OH, YEAH. There is no lineup card for the Flames yet, but here is who the Oil will be sending out this evening.

Raffi Torres--Jarret Stoll--Robert Nilsson
Ethan Moreau--Shawn Horcoff--Kyle Brodziak
Fredrik Johansson--Rob Schremp--Marc Pouliot
Jean-Francois Jacques--Andrew Cogliano--Troy Bodie

Sheldon Souray--Matt Greene
Denis Grebeshkov--Dick Tarnstrom
Joni Pitkanen--Steve Staios

Dwayne Roloson
Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers

Looks like MacT is sending out six of his top seven defencemen for the match (no Cyril Smid). That top pairing of Souray and Greene terrifies me. One is always in the penalty box, and the other is always standing still at the opposing team's blueline. Could be rough. I would imagine that third pairing will end up getting a large chunk of icetime, but we'll see.

The Flames, by all accounts, have looked mediocre at best in the pre-season. Don't know if that means a lot, or very little. I hope for the former, and pray against the latter. Matt is going to be at the game, so I doubt we'll get his take, at least today. Flames fans can chirp in here on what they are watching for tonight (other than the obvious "win").

I'll post the Flames lineup if and when it appears, but that's all for now. GOILERS!

Prediction: 4-3, Oilers. Cogliano's skates melt the ice on his seven breakaways, but he gets no shots on net. Phaneuf leaves his feet, elbows Player A in the face, and then turtles from Player B. The Hockey Jesus pots all four goals, including a miraculous shootout winner that sees the puck do this: take off from the stick, bounce off Keenan's shiny face, steal a chunk from his ice cup, hurdle over the glass, spit the ice in Harvey's eye, strafe through the canine's legs, change a tire on the Zamboni, shred an exact imitation of "Eruption", jump back on the ice, stop, start in different direction (mid-air, mind you), leap a pile of cow dung, spin a pirouette, execute the pop and lock, write an ode to beauty, circle around the net, tip-toe up and over Stinka Shootoutsoft's left shoulder, whisper "eat a d**k" in his ear, and mustang sally in, nothing but net.

MATT UPDATE: Mrs. Matt and I will be there, taking our 7-year-old to his first ever Flames game. I'll try to report back later with first-hand accounts of Kipper heroics, Boyd being the best prospect on the ice, and so forth. Go Flames.


You've embellished since the first time I was here. I presume you've been watching this recently?

I'd never seen that commercial, that was great (even though it was McD)

You've embellished since the first time I was here. I presume you've been watching this recently?

No, but of course it was my inspiration. And I had to force myself to stop adding stuff. I kept thinking or more and more stuff. The powers of the HJ are miraculous, indeed.

In all seriousness though, Schremp needs to do something big in his pre-season games if he wants to make this team.

I'd just like to see the Flames score on the PP. Once is all I ask.

Anyone know where I can jack this game online?

flames are owning this game so far.

roli looks awful.

Can't find it anywhere. Tried all the P2P TV sites, too.

Hey mike w, read your game preview at CinO after I posted here and had resigned myself to Rod. Which, frankly, is as good a way to get your Oil fix as any. Especially for a BoA.

I just heard that interview with Jamie McLennan who is now playing in the Russian Superleague. Is he just not good enough or is there some NHL blackball snub action happening after last year's body chop?

Pretty sure it's just that Noodles is no longer a NHL-calibre backup.

He had a good run.

WHOO! Fuck the Falmes.

A minute away from a shoot-out...Grabia, you just about had it.

fever4falmes...seems as though Phanuef and Sarich are owning a combined -4 while souray was +2....where are your smart azz comments now.

Maybe preseason but Looks like hammer did a little more than nothing on Phanuefs side..lmao...Lets go Oilers..Falmes suck

No comments on Moreau's potential injury yet?

I won't even entertain the thought of Moreau being injured...he's going to be fine...fine...just FINE.

Just a preseason game I know, but I actually threw up my arms *blush*

Wish I could actually see the games, I'm happy to hear the kids are showing well. Have enjoyed following all of them, but I've been rooting for Cogs and Gagner in particular.
Also glad to hear it sounds like the vet core guys are really and truly ready to go. Hope Moreau's bruised ankle is just that, we need that guy out there. And Roli was Roli, he keep them in it.
RoliLover :-)

I was at the game last night, and Flames were the better team, in my opinion. They made a couple of stupid giveaways which led to goals, and there's at least 1 which Kipper should want back. The winning goal in OT was just a terribly unlucky (or lucky, depending on who you're cheering for) bounce.

Phaneuf still doesn't look that good, he's not getting his shots through from the point, and his decision making seems to have regressed at this point. Hopefully he can put it together for the regular season.

Iginla's line looked great, they were dominant almost every shift.

Pardy got 2 points but I didn't think he looked particularly good still.

Aucoin looks pretty good to me. He has a knack for getting the puck through to the net, and seems to make pretty good decisions defensively. If he can stay healthy I think he's going to be a bargain.

Still not a victory, but some positive steps taken last night.

If dominant means a plus/minus like last night, I hope Jarmoe has a totally dominant season for the Falmes against the Oil. :P

even though i am a Flames fan...I have waited long to say this:

as much as I like the flags on the jerseys, perhaps the "weight" of the country and province is too much for the Flames' shoulders.

Go Flames

I love shames fans...your team loses yet Calgary was the better team and Kipper let's in 5 goals on 10 less shots than Roli but he was the better goalie.

I guess that's true because Calgary made the Playoffs last year and Edmonton had the 6 worst record in the league but the Oilers are still the better team...lmao.

Let's Go Oilers...Calgary Sucks

Oh yeah...If Aucoin stays healthy, at 4 million (the same price as Regehr who is solid) how can he be a bargain? And that is a big IF.

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