Thursday, September 06, 2007


And sometimes, it's the fans who are the assholes



Actually eidsveg makes a good point: what about TEMMU, anyway?

heh. Fans are idiots.

Note to the next player who thinks he is established enough to (gasp!) contemplate retirement: fake an injury instead.

It beats getting your name getting dragged through the mud by a short-sighted fanbase.

Niedermeyer has achieved a level of success in his profession the rest of us can only dream of. he is fantastically wealthy, has won championships at everything he has touched and could walk into the Hall of Fame tomorrow.

In lots of professions, though not professional sports, people who have worked a long time take sabbaticals. It's good for them and, in the long run, good for their organizations. Roger Clemens seems to have invented the sabbatical for baseball. Why can't Niedermeyer pave the way in hockey?

I just wish I got a sabbatical this year. I could really use one. But I'm not going to begrudge Scott a chance to have one at a time when he has a lot of things he wants to do with himself, and wealth beyond my imagining to do it with. He doesn't owe me anything.

FANS are assholes?? How about Niedermayer for not showing leadership?? He's nothing but a dithering dolt holding his team hostage with his indecision if you ask me.

Yeah, Niedermeyer is a terrible captain - leading the Ducks to the Cup - what a jerk ... who does he think he is anyways, holding his team hostage?

Oh right, his boss told him to take as much time as he wants because he is one of the alltime greats and in his two years as captain he led his team to the conference finals and then to the Cup.

What an idiot!

Why can't Niedermeyer pave the way in hockey?

Because he's under contract. If he wants to sit a year out, fine; but first finish what he signed his name to. Look, Scott has earned one 'FAVRE', but he can't be surprised that some people want him either to piss or get off the pot.

Sure, but has TEMMU earned one?

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