Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Peca Watch: Day 52

Report: Peca sets deadline with Rangers

Oh, cripes. You don't need House-quality problem solving skills to see what's going on here.

Michael Peca -- as always -- wants to play where he wants to play, but, he won't take less money to do so. Don Meehan isn't unsure as to whether Sather wants to sign Peca; he's unsure as to whether Sather wants to sign Peca for the price he's quoting.

Peca has never signed a contract for less than he could get (or thought he could get) somewhere else. That's what he does, and on its own, there's nothing wrong with it. He sat out for an entire season because the Sabres wouldn't pay him what he believed he was worth. Hometown blah blah notwithstanding, he took the highest $/yr offer he received last offseason (it wasn't because the Leafs were his best chance to win the Cup, and I recall no accounts whatsoever of higher offers from elsewhere).

The problem, if that's the right word, is that he's never really proved that he understands, or has internalized, the whole concept of tradeoffs (see also: Gary Roberts). If the Rangers only offer him $900k and he signs with the Blue Jackets for $1.8M, he's going to feel wronged. If Scott Howson had half of the good sense that's been attributed to him since he got his job, then as soon as it was explicit that another team was Peca's preferred choice, he'd have pulled his own offer. As Chris! put it so well last summer:
...thanks for the memories, Mike. Your playoffs almost atoned for your sulky regular season, but not really.


Yet the Toronto media still mentions Peca in the "no one wants to play in Edmonton stories." They forget to mention that little Mikey didn't like it here because the fans weren't happy that a guy making that kind of money stunk to high heaven for the first 70 games of the season. I'll be the happiest man alive when I see the, "Peca joins Yashin, Anson Carter in Russia" stories. It would be the greatest overpaid and hard-done-by line in history.

How long has this guy been coasting on his reputation? Plus, he seems to be kind of a dick.

Apparently now he can be a dick in Columbus.

Oops...forgot link.

From Kukla's Korner:


I guess Howson "saw him good"

Now Columbus fans can snigger whenever they hear, "and Peca rams into the back of the net! What a huge score!"

All two times.

BTW, link me up, big daddies!

How long has this guy been coasting on his reputation?
Since he was drafted.

Perhaps my memory is wrong, but I seem to remember an interview from out East last Fall where Peca kinda sniggered and said he was used wrong i.e. a more offensive role. Then there was another interview this Spring where he wished the Leafs used him in a more offensive role?

addendum: ..ahem.. said he was used wrong in Edmonton.

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