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Oilogcast, Pt. 2: Coming Soon To A Blog Near You!

*** Friday Morning Update*** Shocker. Another absolutely terrible editorial from Neil Waugh.

*** Thursday Night Update*** Podcast is up now.

Erin and I did a second podcast last night, and it should be up later tonight on Hot Oil. (the uploading site is currently down). It is substantially longer, as we were able to save everything we talked about. I'm kind of sad we didn't lose some stuff, actually, as Erin somehow coaxed me into talking about Ethan Moreau's, err, muscles. My lisp is still there, and I was sober, so I guess I can't write it off to being intoxicated. Damn. I also say "like" every 1.2 seconds. I'm, like, totally, like, a valley girl, like. For any wondering about my take on Craig Simpson's jump to HNIC and Cal Nichols' press conference, it's in the podcast. In fact, I talk about the Nichols' conference a lot. It should be a nice supplement to the post at Covered in Oil today concerning Lyle Best's editorial interview with the Edmonton Sun.

***Bonus Commentary***

1) What's with the Edmonton Sun? Does anyone else remember when they were a conservative newspaper? The Journal is a part owner of the Oilers, so we know the conflict of interest that exists there. But what's the Edmonton Sun, "defender of the working man," been doing for the past six months while the arena spin has been spun? Didley squat, except for Jones' occasional fluff-jobs. It's a shame that the supposed conservative newspaper in this city can't put forward a compelling counter-argument to the arena farce. I guess those "tentacles" Jones referred to yesterday run just that deep.

2) According to Lyle Best, Mayor Mandel's "arena feasibility committee" just visited Kansas City and Columbus. My question here is: how much did that trip cost, and who paid for it?

3) The committee's report is expected in November. Hmm. When are those mayoral elections again? Oh right, October. Brave man, that mayor of ours.

4) Alright, John Mackinnon!!!

The community argument here against a single owner seems to be rooted in a deeply seated belief in the boogeyman and a distrust of individual excellence. The Oilers had a single owner named Pocklington, who turned out to be a bad man. He broke the fans’ hearts, therefore single ownership is inherently bad.
What childish claptrap!

Love this part of Mackinnon's piece. Here's what's interesting: the EIG and Jones both stated that Edmontonians don't want single ownership, which is obviously a shot at Pocklington. The thing is, Pocklington wasn't reviled until after the Oilers traded away their best players. Well, what the heck happened this past year? Chris Pronger, Georges Laraque, Jason Smith and Ryan Smyth are no longer Edmonton Oilers, and that all happened under group ownership. Following the logic of Jones and the EIG, it's group ownership that has to be the devil. So where can I pick up my Larry Makelki effigy?

5) Did anyone else look at the slideshow in this Oilers press release and think what I was thinking? You know, a little bit of you help me, I help you?

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There’s more than a faint whiff of a smear job in trying to insinuate that Katz, a wildly successful local businessman, U of A grad and philanthropist is Pocklington revisited. But that connection has been made by some members of the media. And that’s wrong. And cheap, besides.

He did everything but actually drop Terry Jones's name. Nice. Actually, both those articles were rather refreshing. Which is why they were on the blog and not in the newspaper.

+1 Doogie!

And yeah, what's with the SUN anyways? This whole situation should be cannon fodder for them.

Andy, I'm not sure if you've been asleep the last twenty odd years, but fiscal caution is only advocated by so-called conservatives when social spending for the poor comes up. Corporate welfare is the overriding ethos of modern conservatism, which is why charlatans like the Club for Growth are so comfortable endorsing stadium shills like Rudy Giuliani. The Sun would endorse Kevin Taft for premier before it would ask any hard questions of the local business elite.

Howie Mandel is so far into the pocket of business he makes Bill Smith look like a Marxist.
He runs out of public meetings like the rat-faced weasel that he is.
God strike me dead, but I'd vote for that harpie shrill Anne McLellan if she ran against Mandel, that's how much I hate him. If he spends my tax dollars on a playpen for millionaire douchebags and their millionaire boy toys, I'll submit my municipal taxes in a s***-smeared envelope and address it to him personally.

Since when was criticizing corporate welfare a modern conservative value?

Nope, this reverse Robin Hood scheme that is this taxpayer-funded arena plan is exactly the kind of conservatism that the Edmonton Sun is all about.

Ron Paul is disgusted.

Thanks for linking to McKinnon's blog. Those two posts were outstanding. If only it would get printed in the paper (he's the Sports editor after all).

As for Neil Waugh, what an asshat (then again, that editorial was so poorly written and the logic so flawed, he's giving asshats a bad name).

I think Mackinnon is just a good ol' fashioned columnist now.

You'll wonder no further about what's with the SUN after reading Kerry Diotte's column today. It appears they are firmly in the pocket of the EIG.

The last chance for any semblance of objectivity regarding anything EIG just went right out the window. Actually, it probably never existed, but until now I still had this fantasy that it lived somewhere in town.

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