Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Oilers Not For Sale-Boooooo

Really, really, sorry; I've been out of town all day, and totally away from any radio, television, internet-thingies. Check out Covered in Oil for a fantastic set of comments. It will be interesting to see how the local media responds to this. I'm fully expecting Terry Jones to heap praise on the EIG, and I'm praying that Dan Barnes goes to town on Cal Nichols.


If publically funded stadiums just got harder to rationalize with the Minneapolis bridge collapse, Katz' offer of a privately (or partially private) funded arena is going to ratchet up the pressure on the EIG. Suddenly every call for a new arena now also means the EIG getting out of the way.

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be any reaction to the Nichols conference on the Journal site today. I imagine Barnes didn't have anything good to say, and the paper decided to not say anything at all.

Jones, on the other hand, is triumphantly crowing another brilliant move by the EIG, who fended off "what many saw as a hostile takeover attempt" to ultimately do what's best for the team and the community.

What a fuckhead.

Andy take note: from Terry Jones's EIG handjob yesterday:

The new arena is in the background to everything involved in this. It has always been my contention the investors group is best positioned to make it become a reality, not just for hockey, but for Edmonton. It's who they are. Their tentacles run through the entire town and all levels of government.

So a community group is better because they have the best interests of the comunity in mind, including raiding said community's tax dollars to pay for a new arena to enrich said community ownership group.


So, they promise to spend to the cap "...if and when the opportunity of winning presents itself"?

Does that mean they don't expect to win any time soon? Or that the opportunity will present itself on a rigid schedule, so they know exactly when to spend to the cap (since if they wait too long all the players they might want are likely to be gone).

That "if" doesn't sound very encouraging.

Lost amid the not-for-sale coverage is this potentially fantastic news from the Globe's William Houston:

Hockey Night in Canada's first high-profile signing of the off-season will be Craig Simpson, who is leaving coaching to resume a broadcasting career as a game analyst at Hockey Night, multiple sources say...Insiders view Simpson's addition to Hockey Night, expected to be announced shortly, as a major cornerstone to the rebuilding of the show.

And, I might add, a cornerstone to rebuilding the Oilers' powerplay.


I could weep with that news. Seriously.

Hey, does anybody else think that Daryl Katz looks a little too much like Deuce Bigalow (Rob Scneider)???

Looks like Terry Jones has gotten back to the important task of lobbying for a new downtown arena.

"Looks like Terry Jones has gotten back to the important task of lobbying for a new downtown arena."

We're on it at CinO.


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