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You know, I thought being in five or six sports fantasy leagues every year would be enough. Between that and playing sports, watching sports, reading about sports, writing about sports, and playing sports video games, I thought my obsession was covered. But no. EA Sports has decided all that isn't enough. Now, in addition to the real fantasy leagues I am in, they have to offer me the option to be in a fantasy league within Madden 08. That's right. It's not enough to just be in a real fake league using real games and real players. Now I also need to be in a fake fake league using results from virtual games and virtual players. Confused yet? Me too, but as I've now spent the past two hours running mock drafts and then an actual draft for my Madden franchise (ok, now I'm even more confused), I'm gonna spend a bit more time checking out the Madden fantasy league. I feel like I'm in a fantasy sports Second Life. I wonder how many keepers I get?

Ooh, it looks like the answer is three.


Okay, this new mode is officially awesome.

This must be that postmodernism I keep hearing about.


But I think I get it. There are always more guys you like -- and whose performance you think you can assess -- that you'll ever be able to own on your own team. So why not further demonstrate your prowess by winning a fantasy league, as well as the title.

This does raise the classic issue: won't you run the risk of betting against your own team?

It's sort of a weird mix between fantasy and franchise. It's in a separate mode, so you don't have to worry about betting against your franchise. And you play these little mini-games, rather than getting points for stats in played games. But there is a budget, and you try and improve your team by stealing other players, trading for other players, and such. It's more like a GM/Franchise combo, really. I'm captivated by it, myself.

Anything that distracts you d-bags from the lineup shifts in our baseball league is obviously an awesome development.

You mean the masterful way you scooped up Melky Cabrera on August 13th, only to have his hitting streak end the next day?

He's had an excellent month (second best among OF, with fellow Yankees Matsui and Abreu in the top three), but picking him up a little earlier would've been a more impressive display of lineup acumen.

Back to hockey: there's a mediocre Wes Goldstein column over at sportsline, talking about franchise values. You can add this blisteringly obvious quote from Vanderbilt University economics prof John Vrooman to the files:
The true value of a team is reflected more in the purchase price than it is in the rhetoric. Owners always poor mouth and say they're losing money, yet these franchises appreciate at rates that make them a high-performing investment, way beyond what we would think.

It's official.... Andy just threw his penis away.

It's official.... Andy just threw his penis away.

It was gonna happen soon enough anyways. Might as well get a head start on some gaming.

It was gonna happen soon enough anyways. Might as well get a head start on some gaming.

Next up, addiction to World of Warcraft.

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