Friday, August 03, 2007


First Oilogosphere Podcast

The very first Oilogosphere podcast is in the books. Come take a listen as Erin Loxam and I talk about the Oilers. Erin and I jammed for about an hour and a half, but due to technical difficulties we were only able to save about twenty minutes of it. So instead of some brilliant banter about x,y, and z, you instead get to hear us talk about Macs and being Irish. My favorite part of the show--where Erin and I talked about her meeting Robbie Schremp--is sadly not on here. Apparently my lisp is much stronger and persistent than I had ever imagined, so I sort of sound half-drunk during the entire show. Then again, the podcast was recorded just a few hours after Dustin Penner became an Oiler, know. I actually called Smytty "Ryan", like I know the guy personally (I don't), so that tells you everything there is to know. You know.

Many thanks to Erin for doing this. Hopefully it becomes a regular event throughout the Oilogosphere, with other bloggers getting in their two cents. Have a great weekend everyone!

***Update*** I believe Erin has posted it at a site where bandwidth will not be a problem. Click here.


I'm a techno-idiot, so I don't know why mine stops in the sixth minute, but so far so good! Nice going, Grabia/Loxy. Sounds fun!

You sounded even more feminine then I imagined.

The best part is it's already unavailable from .mac due to bandwidth restrictions. Why anyone would pay for .mac is beyond me...

There are free podcasting hosting sources out there...

Really? I'll let Loxy handle that. Dave, do you knpw of any free podcasting sources out there, other than iTunes of course.

You sounded even more feminine then I imagined.

Just wait til you come here in the fall and find out I'm a cross-dresser.


Wow that is a coincidence.

Interesting interview. Andy, I don't think your lisp is pronounced at all. I liked Erin's questions, and enjoyed Andy's answers (save the Paul Coffey "skate all over me" line).

Plus I figured out how to get it to play on my computer without waking up my kids to help!

Well, for one, it was a trial .mac account. Thus the exceeding bandwidth issue.

I've uploaded to a free site now, but it'll probably only handle one more episode before I have to pay.

I looked at other free options, but some had weird restrictions I didn't like... can anyone offer a suggestion?

I'm just mad I only got to make fun of Craig Simpson once. I wonder how much his terribe powerplay will affect the results of the Hot-Off?

Andy you suffer a head wound re George.. man I liked him but he is good as dead when he said he wanted to be a Flame. But all in all good stuff... I have not checked but I always thought the OG Dave S was a hot oiler... what do I know... Lumley back in day thought some the ladies thought he was hot?

Loxy, I have heaps o' bandwidth and space available for hosting stuff, so my suggestion is 'if you send it to me, I'll host the file for you'. Which I know will be a lot less cool, dramatic, and ad-filled than a free podcasting host, but I thought I'd make the offer. :P

I am listening to it right now and I have to say... you sound friendlier than you read! I figure a lot of people fall into that category but I thought I should point it out!

It's a pretty good start. It's funny but I'd talked about an Oilers podcast for awhile with Tyler and Cam but Tyler, in particular, didn't think anyone would listen to such a thing.

Damn you, Dellow!!!;)

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