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Here's the deal. Loxy still needs a name for her Oilogosphere podcast show. She's quietly asked for assistance in this, and we've all dropped the ball. I don't care that it's the summer, or that most of us haven't recovered from the horrors of last year. We have two full glossaries of great names that we thought of in better times. We should be able to pull one out of our asses in the summer of our discontent. Plus, she's doing us a great service by hosting these shows. So help the poor lady out, Oilogosphere, and start delivering some funny/clever/pithy/witty/offensive names for the podcast. Do it now, or I will troll all your sites and/or comments.


I have a couple initial suggestions. #2 is my favorite:

1) The Oilogcast

2) The Hot Shot

3) The Oilcast

4) The EM Love Muscle

I really like "The Hot Shot" actually, because so many people will miss the reference.

I don't understand #4. I believe the original quotation that this refers too was a little more refined.

As for names for the podcast, uh, I've got nothing. Let me think on it.


1. Crude Oil (lots of swearing, slide whistles)?

2. BOE Equivalency?

3. The Oil Refinery?

4. Actually, Oilcast is fine.

Crude Oil is a gooder. I knew WInters would elevate his game. I've been trying to think of a phrase involving "bitumen" for awhile now, but I've got nothing. Heavy Oil? Upgrader? How about Crude Oil: Adventures in Petroleum?

Oil Flow?

Oil Slick

The Lubricast

Perhaps an Oilfield Glossary would help.

1. Essential Oil
2. Podtroleum By-Products
3. LubeTubeā„¢
4. The Walt PODdubny Family Radio Hour

Lube Love
Spouting Oil
Grab and Loxy's Oil's Prairie Warehouse and Curio Emporium
Marty Reasoner Appreciation Hour
View from the Monkey Boards
Pumping Oil
Oil Scouts
Wildcatters Weekly

Thats it that is all..

My 2 cents:

Oil Rub
Lets talk Puck
Puck Oil (heh, you know like peak oil)
Oily goodness
Oil sounds

and I'd also like to vote for:
Grab and Loxy's Oil's Prairie Warehouse and Curio Emporium

I like Oil Refinery, Lubricast, and Essential Oil. Those three are my favorites.

I like GaLOPWaCE, too, but it is a really long title, and I'm not sure how well that would work. At least if they have guests, they can introduce them with "Let us now welcome ________ to the Emporium!", which sounds pretty cool.

First of all, thanks to Andy for putting the word out.

Second of all, keep 'em coming. I'll decide on a few I like and post a poll on Hot Oil... :)

1. All Oiled Up
2. Oil Patch
3. Oil's Well
4. Black Gold

The Joffrey Lupul Sucks Show

I like "Spouting Oil" and "Oil Sounds" the best.

Not much to add that hasn't been said.

It's Raining Oil?
Well of Tears?
We Miss You, Gord Mark?

The Hot Shot sounds way too close to the HotSpot, GameSpot's podcast, and would confuse the everloving piss out of me.

Hm...something involving Bipoilers? "Crude Oil" works for me, barring that.

Ha. Bipoiler Report. Classic.

Smyth and Smith?

Oops, a little late...

-The Oilerbator

-Open Pipeline


Personally, I like most of the suggestions already offered.

Corner Gas
loxy's lounge
Pipeline Q&A

Isn't Pipeline already taken by the Oilers?

I vote for Crude Oil

I also love Crude Oil, though I now wish I had thought of it. I think Black Dog and I could do some amazing stuff on a blog called Crude Oil.

I like The Hot Shot but you're almost announcing and promising that you're gonna be on the edge all the time. Which I'm sure you could be if you wanted to too.

Considering that some of the talk might be anti-mgmt and it almost seems criminal in some circles, though not this one, to say anything negative about the team or the org, how about Voice Of Treason? Or, Nichols and Crimes. Friends in Lowe Places.

"Boning for Oil"

thats all I have its 2 am.

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