Friday, July 27, 2007


I would have preferred an offer sheet to Fred Penner

Matt and I are away on vacation, which is why there hasn't been a post here poking fun at Kevin Lowe's latest move. Not to worry, though. Black Dog, Covered in Oil, mc79hockey, and Lowetide have it covered. My own take is that I hope Burke lets Penner go, because I really want this team to continue stinking for a long time. This whole house needs to come crumbling down. As for what Burke will say at any press conference, I'm going to differ from the norm. I think Burke will say very little in terms of trashing the Oilers. Let's face it, going after an RFA is something Burke would totally do, and I'm pretty sure he and Lowe get along quite well. We're going to get a lecture from the patronizing, sarcastic floating brain that is Brian Burke, that is for sure, but I think it will be the opposite of what most people expect.


Matt and I are away on vacation

Wow you two are getting a little closer than we needed to hear about.

Well, we saw "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" last weekend, and thought we'd make a go of it.

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The thought of someone actually sitting through "Chuck and Larry" is even more disturbing than that of a carnal Grabia/Fenwick dalliance.

You're not really a couple until you know all the words to Prince of Tides, Andy.

Boy, Burke sure is insane. He said he had no problem with signing an RFA to an offer sheet, and then called Lowe gutless for not telling him about it. He seems to want it both ways.

Who needs draft picks, anyways? I hope Burke lets him walk. The dreaded "Penner-Pisani-Pouliot" Triple P line would provide enough joke fodder around here for months.

Hope your holidays are going well, Andy.

Hope your holidays are going well, Andy.

Thank-you, sir. Have you recovered from the Canucks not getting Smytty yet?

I'm still a little cheesed about that... Nonis probably could have offered Lowe a back-scratcher and a case-lot of Kraft Dinner for Smyth and he would have taken it.
If Ryan Shannon turns into a burly net-crashing fiend though, it may alleviate my anguish.

I hope to hear updates on the battle of Alberta: "CFL edition" soon. Muah ha ha ha. Once again, B.C. out-classes the prairie-folk!

Sadly, the weather in central BC could use some Alberta-lovin'. The past two weeks have been erratic at best. I guess I'll get my summer holidays in October.

Andy, please stop calling yourself a Oiler fan, as you are making that fellow Dennis who post's at Lowetide look optimistic.

Come back when the Oilers are winning again, We all liked you better back then.

As for the fill-in matt, please bring somebody with some positive energy.Thx.

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