Friday, July 06, 2007


4th Line Friday

Dallas Stars signed both Brad Winbister and Toby Petersen to one-year deals today. Wisbister even wrangled a one-way contract. ("Stars Sign Three Players", no permalink.)

Petersen is a depth player, who will never again be relied upon by an NHL team like he was in the final 30 games of '06/07, but I have a shiny penny here that says there are more Shucks! in Edmonton this season about letting Winchester get away than Lupul.

Relive the peak of the Toby Matters era here.

Most of Winchester's career highlights to-date covered here.

J.F. Jacques still hasn't scored an NHL point, or even been in an on-ice goal hug -- marvel at the magnitude of that (and btw, can we get Elias on this?) here.


It gives me great joy to see your secret love become so public. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

That is a great fucking picture. Most significant moment of his career, without a doubt.

Better than Staois laughing is the dude above him, who appears to be gasping. Or is that Deb Grey shouting? It's hard to tell.

Are you serious that JFJ has never been on the ice for a goal? If so then that is monumentally bad. For someone with zero plus points, his minus wasn't that bad. I guess just nothing at all happens when he's on the ice.

So our defense is about where we started last year. Our offense which was project for 300 and hit 180's, is now projected for about 150... think we can go sub 100?

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