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If you thought that tonight was the worst it could get, you'd be wrong. Tomorrow, when Kevin Lowe again brags about how he told Brian Burke he was giving Anaheim the Stanley Cup, tomorrow, when several Oilers players go out of their way to say how happy they are for Chris Pronger, tomorrow, when you realize a guy totally loyal to his team and his city (Ryan Smyth) has never won a Stanley Cup, tomorrow, when you see that the Pronger family held a city and an organization hostage and still got everything he ever wanted, tomorrow, that is when it will really hurt. You might want to skip out on tomorrow, if you can.


You are right. The day after is the worst.

Fuck. Chris. Pronger. I hope he dies of the scurvey.

Chris Pronger deserved something out of what I like to call the "Clint Malarchuk" category when it comes to Karma.

Instead, he gets the fucking Stanley Cup.

And just when you think it can't get worse, I get this BAD feeling that Ryan Smyth is going to be Teemu Selanne's replacement in Anaheim next season.

What did Oiler fans do to deserve this?

What did Oiler fans do to deserve this?

Are Oiler fans really so self-absorbed that they think the Oilers deserve MORE sips out of Stanley? I hate to break it to you..check that, I delight in breaking it to you, that in a 30 team NHL, and the Oilers with already 5 cups, they're not due again till oh, about 2157.

A tip of the chapeau to Earl.

arcanas: Wouldn't syphilis be more appropriate?

I just got my Season 8 of Seinfeld. Is there any better way to disappear from the world?

As an aside; does Scott Niedermayer have the most perfect resume in Hockey? Memorial Cup Champion, World Junior Gold Medal, World Championship Gold Medal, World Cup Gold Medal, Stanley Cup, Olympic Gold Medal. He's also won the Norris Trophy and the Conn Smythe (NHL playoff MVP) and the Stafford Smythe (Memorial Cup MVP) trophies (has anyone else done that?). Thank god hockey doesn't have relays or he'd win 3 or 4 of those.

And yes, Stafford Smythe and Conn Smythe are related.

The only thing worse than Smyth signing with the Ducks and playing with CFP would be Lupul being put on waivers, going back to the OC and netting 50.

I would take the steel boot anyday over that.

Four days on and still choking on my own rage over here. Even Paris Hilton got her comeuppance: when does Cockface Stinkfuck get his?

Maybe its the Oilers getting their comeuppance?

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