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Part of the problem

Thoughts Matheson's, italics mine:
If Ryan Smyth is smart and gets the same sort of money to sign in either Detroit or Colorado, it's a no-brainer. He should take the Wings.

They're always in the playoff hunt and he talks about winning being important. It should be at 31. Plus, does Smytty want to play for the Avs, which means playing against the Oilers eight times a year in the Northwest Division? That might be a little uncomfortable.

Yes it would, although the Hall-of-Famer is probably means "...for Ryan Smyth", so he's either missing the point or being disingenuous.

(Also, what's with the diss of the Avs? Geez, you miss the playoffs for one season -- barely -- and suddenly you're a Tier Two franchise. Seems like Matty has slightly different (i.e. much, much lower) standards for the Oil than for everyone else.)


Apparently I'm missing the point, too.

How else would you read that sentence? Uncomfortable for Matty? For Oilers fans?

For Kevin Lowe, for his BF(s) in the local media who defend him, for everyone who thought getting rid of him was a good hockey decision, etc.

Colorado's probably going to be very good next season, and pwn the Oil (who are probably going to be very bad) with or without Smyth. Come to think of it, maybe that's what Matty meant (and it was me who missed the point): that it'll be uncomfortable for Smytty to be a party to the ongoing humiliation of his old team 8 times, rather than 4. But even then, I think there'll be plenty of discomfort to go around.

smytty should sign with calgary. we'd be unstopable then and im sure hed love the chance to rub his former team and city whothought so poorly of him as to consider him disposible by delivering thier closest rival the cup.

agreed: dumbass article by mattheson

the Nashville fire sale has begun, and the cost of top-pair defensemen goes up.

What does this do for the Oilers' offseason

How is that allowed? Doesn't that defeat the whole prupose of free agency? I can't believe the NHLPA, agents, or even other GMs, would let that slide.

Seems fair enough to me. Philly trades a pick for a two-week negotiating head start. Possibly with a wink and a nudge from the player.

I just think there are more egregious examples of "cheating" that we've seen recently. Lets call them "Malakhovs"

Or possibly Mogilnies or Faheys, as in, "No fair! That guy totally Faheyed!"

If what happened in NJ this year didn't raise eyebrows, this certainly won't. I'm not entirely sure Alexander Mogilny isn't in the trunk of a car in south jersey right now. With Lou Lamoriello smoking and incessantly checking his watch at the side of the road.

How is that allowed? Doesn't that defeat the whole prupose of free agency?

Why? Nashville held the exclusive rights to negotiate with Hartnell and Timonen until July 1, after which they would become UFAs and would be free to negotiate with whomever. Nashville traded these exclusive rights to the Flyers.

So nobody put a gun to these guys heads and forced them to sign with the Flyers. If they wanted to, they could have waited until July 1 and signed with anybody they wanted. Signing with the Flyers wasn't part of the deal. Presumably the Flyers could have traded for these negotiating rights and seen both players walk on July 1st.

just a thought:

if the COILERS had any hope of not coming in the bottom 3 of the western confrence, theyd fire k-blowe and hire MUCKLER immediately


i dont know why im doing free consulting for edmonton lol

McLea is right but I know what Andy is saying too.

I don't think either guy would have gotten more on the market really but one wonders - is this a situation where Nashville can give Philly permission to talk to both players before they make the deal? I would think so.

Weird though - I'd think they could have auctioned them off - a first for each.

Hmm. I wonder if this might have been negotiated when the Forsberg deal went down?

Andy, I would say that may be a reasonable assumption.

The money they paid these two is crazy, of course. Timmonen is making more then CFP, I believe, and Hartnell is making 4 plus to play behind Gagne.

That being said it is a bold move by Philly.

$6.3 mil a year for Timonen is ridiculous. I love the Hartnell signing, though. He's just about to hit his prime.

Speaking of Philly, how about the rumours that they're shopping Pitkainen?

Also, what's with the diss of the Avs? Geez, you miss the playoffs for one season -- barely -- and suddenly you're a Tier Two franchise.

Apparently Avs fans think so. Last I heard, they had (estimation) over 10,000 season tickets available. Pretty shocking for a franchise that had a waiting list for many years. I guess that tells you a lot about Denver sports fans (see Nuggets).

Stan, if that's true, then Denver doesn't deserve a hockey team and it makes me feel even worse for Nordiques fans.

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