Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Flames Hire A New Coach...

...and it's Mike Keenan. Stephane Matteau, Brian Noonan and Peter Zezel signings to follow.



Never has there been more joy in scanning the TSN comment thread. Highlights include a "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" and a "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" from two separate guys; a "GOD HELP US ALL" and a "please god no..."; and one with two "WHY"s and an "ACK".

HF Boards is surprisingly moderate.

How long before Kipper is traded for Shane Corson?

This is totally bizarre. I didn't want PLayfair back behind the bench come October...

...but Keenan?

Apparently there were availability issues with Toe Blake.

what a betrayl by sutter

playfair was a vastly underrated coach who did some great things with a ragtag team. and now were bringing in this no talent no balls keenen?? give me a break and pass the barfbag cuz i think im going to be sick.

what a knife in the back 4 flames fans every where

On this sombre occasion for Flames fans, funeral services for the Calgary Flames 2007-08 season will be held at the Hettington Memorial Home in Camrose.

How can anybody hire Mike Keenan to run their car wash at this stage? Did anybody read Iron Mike's columns in some of the newspapers during the playoffs? The guy managed to squeeze in a glowing reference to how awesomely Todd Bertuzzi was chewing up fourth-line minutes in every second paragraph. I can only think that Mike Keenan is, when he can get a job out of it, possibly the most charismatic person who has ever lived.

ragtag team

Before we give Playfair the Adams Award, there is no way the Flames were 'ragtag'. Its pretty obvious to most observers on this board that the Flames underachieved this year (look at that road record) and part of the problem was coaching. I wonder how much effect did Anaheim winning have on the way Sutter looked at his team and the conference in deciding to go with Mike? I thought Sutter would let Playfair dangle in the wind at the start of the new season and preserve a 'move' if the Flames needed a boost. Now, its pretty clear that Sutter has tied his wagon to Keenan, and to hell with the 'new' NHL. If the Flames sputter, and with looming UFA decisions for 08/09, Calgary's administration is going to go through next season with one hand on the rip chord.

Eric Godard, call your agent; you might play so much you'll have to sharpen your skates twice this year.

look at the flames' d and tell me that is not ragtag

this team had more wholes in it than swiss cheese

playfair deserves some props for getting into the playoffs, unlike the coil

well be lucky if calgary makes 10th place with keenen at the healm

A new coach who loved being Coach/GM and couldn't stop making crazy deals working for a control freak GM who was Coach/GM up until last season.
How long before the two get into a fistfight?

Bwa ha! This is so bizarre.

1) YoungD nails the first problem -- I give Eric Francis until Game 10 +/- 3 games before we get his first scoop outlining the "backroom tension in role divisions" between Sutter and Iron Mike.

2) The Flames have shown repeatedly over the last 5 years that they play better when given more freedom on the ice. So who does Sutter hire? The only available coach who gives his players less freedom on the ice than he did.

What is the next level up from playing "tight"? Petrified? Comatose.

This is awful. I hope to hell this is a false rumour. What a terrible move that would be.

What's that you say? What's that sound you hear? Why its a laughter from every Canuck fan.

Does this mean Rhett Warrener has to give up #44 so Bertuzzi can have it?

Yay! This is the Flames CFP summer!

Anonymouse at 12:54am: Get a name. And a stellar home record + shitty road record seems to imply great coaching to me, or at least an impressive awareness of line matchups.

But I'm too happy to complain about you. Yay!!!

Let's drink!!

I can't decide whether to laugh or cry. I guess I'll laugh, because that feels better.

Hopefully, in six months time, we will be cheering Sutter's 'bold' decision. It seems more likely we will still be shaking our heads at his boneheaded decision.

If he gets the team off to a better start than the last two coaches did in the last two seasons, I'll start being a Mike Keenan fan.

Go Flames.

Have the vengeful hockey gods, satisfied after a full year of kicking the holy shit out of the Oilers' faithful, moved down the QE2? Colour me "hopeful."

HF Boards is surprisingly moderate.

I think the anger is being subdued by the fact that Playfair was our previous coach. You can throw me into the "anybody but Playfair" crowd, and although I'm not thrilled about the Keenan signing, his signing means Playfair is gone.

No, Playfair is still an assistant it seems, which is probably the best possible role for him.
Keenan was once Sutter's boss in Chicago, so I agree that it's just a matter of time before there's a clash between the two on personnel stuff.
For the Flames, the biggest worry has to be that Sutter, who is an old-school guy, will defer to Keenan's seniority and longevity in the business and therefore trade Huselius for Chris Gratton or whatever ridiculous shit Iron Mike comes up with.

2) The Flames have shown repeatedly over the last 5 years that they play better when given more freedom on the ice. So who does Sutter hire? The only available coach who gives his players less freedom on the ice than he did.

Huh? It's exactly the opposite. Playfair was far less rigidly systemic than Sutter, and he was far worse with a better team.

look at the flames' d and tell me that is not ragtag

Okay, I will...

Regehr, Phanuef, Stuart, Hamrlik.

Nope. Not ragtag.

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