Friday, June 29, 2007


Everybody Hurts

Chris Selley has this to say about Richard Peddie's recent ruminations on JFJ:
Pardon my French, but that's fucking demented. If Ferguson's not capable of being a "very, very good general manager" right now, then demote him. Make him head pro scout in charge of unsung third- and fourth-line talent — there'd be few better. Or fire him. Whatever. Just put this Svengali-esque "help" you're looking for in charge of the goddamn team, like every single successful hockey club does. Christ!

Your French is pardoned, sir.


So, should the title of the senior advisor be "mentor" or "babysitter?"

Although its waaay too late, I think MLSE is trying to 'help' JFJ rather than just replace him is because they've got somebody in mind who is under contract somewhere else, and don't want to be seen micromanaging the team (which in fact has been done since Ballard) lest they scare off their prey.

Totally unrelated to the post (except perhaps the title), I'm guessing Primeau's quote made Andrew Ference puke in his mouth a little.

Primeau signed a three-year, US$4.2 million deal yesterday with the Calgary Flames.

Even though he's been traded mid-season in each of the past two campaigns, he didn't demand a no-trade clause from GM Darryl Sutter.

"I took Darryl's word for it. Hopefully, it's worth it," Primeau said. "I respect Darryl because he's been good to me."


If there's any evidence needed that the missing year of hockey failed to change anything, Wayne Primeau's contract is Exhibit A. I mean, $1.4 million annually for a marginal talent who shouldn't be allowed to launder an NHL uniform, much less wear one. Is there nobody playing in the AHL or Europe who could skate in circles for five minutes a night at half the cost?

When I read that article I was just wondering...if JFJ is not up to the job...why not hire someone who is?

And Wayne Primeau may not be a lot of things, but to imply that he isn't fit to launder NHL uniforms? The guy is a solid 3rd to 4th liner, a good PK player, and won't hurt you EV. Hell he even chips in a point or two every now and again.

Anonymous, Wayne has more talent and skill in one of his skin cells that you do in your entire body, and don't even get me started on class for making a cheap ill founded shot like that at the man. Don't know if he's worth 1.4 million, but the guy isn't mashed potatoes.

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