Saturday, June 16, 2007


Battle of Alberta: Football Division

Now that the season that must not be mentioned has finally finished, and the Falmes have made their big off-season acquisition, it is time to start focusing on pigskin. What's that you say? The Oilers still have their big off-season acquisition to make? Bah. I'm not falling for that one. Nope, I'm closing my eyes and ears to all things Oilers until the first pre-season game. Rather than scrutinize the minutia of the draft, trade deadline, etc., I'm actually looking forward to that Christmas Morning feeling of just not having any clue what might be under the tree. I might even have to buy a program to identify all those fresh young faces who are obviously going to "flourish on Edmonton's fast ice."

Anyway, onward and upward. Sadly, looking back, a decent case can be made that last year's Eskimos had an even worse season than the Oilers. Honestly. They were last in the West for the first time in 30 years . . . the season after winning the Grey Cup . . . ugh.

I'm also seriously bummed that Edmonton's best named footballer -- Signor Mobley -- has retired. If Sacababy had been a boy, Signor Mobley Sacamano was in the top-5 potential names, as was Daunte Culpepper Sacamano. Speaking of Daunte, I understand that those wacky Bluebombers actually put him on their protected player list. Maybe they figured that, given Culpepper's preferred choice of outerwear, he would actually like the idea of playing football outdoors in Winnipeg during November.

Speaking of confused, I'm all confused about Maciocia. Is Danny Mac a good coach or not? Grey cup one year, fiasco the next. I can't get a handle on this dude. Somebody help me out here.

Anyway, the real reason I put this up was to remind folks that, although we here at BofA are pretty lame when it comes to talking up the football side of the BofA, there are lots of folks out there who write some fine CFL-related material. As only one example, CanadianRules remains a good one-stop shop for football fun.

Go Esks!


eskies choked once again
hahaha go 'peders!!!!!

Commentary on two sports?

Wow, that Reggie is versatile.

These threads have been phenomenal.

and edmonton is versatile at loosing 2 sports! haha

Jesus Christ... "loosing"?

It's too easy making fun of Calgarians.

'peders? 'PEDERS?!

What the fuck, Reggie? I mean, how can you be that retarded? Do you not actually live here or watch CFL broadcasts to know what their nickname actually is?

I guess if we're going to play like that, then GO 'MOES! Sigh...

PEDERS sounds way cooler than STAMPS, i dont care what u say

when i hear stamps i just think of bad memories collecting stamps as a kid at the libary

And when I hear "Peders" I think, "not allowed to live within 500 yards of a library or a school".

hmm. i hadn't considered that.

Sacamano, have I ever mentioned that I love you? Then again, you've put me on the spot, so now I have to actually put a post up on my site. Damn you!

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