Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Round 2

Despite zero popular demand, and the fact that I have very little new or interesting to say, here's my playoff picks:

Buffalo over NY Rangers in 7. Darn near a coin-flip. After 40 games this season, the Sabres had a 19-point lead on the Rags. After 82 games, a 19-point lead.

I'll pick the Sabres on the basis of (1) the extra home game, and (2) that their late additions (Zubrus, Stafford, Connolly) will help them more than Avery helps the Rangers.

Ottawa over New Jersey in 5. I don't trust Dany Heatley whatsoever to have a strong performance, but one way or another, the Sens are going to blow the doors off of first the Devils, then of whoever wins the other series.

Anaheim over Vancouver in 6. I'd love to be more contrarian here, but like every other hockey fan outside the Lower Mainland, I don't see how the Canucks can beat the Ducks 4 times out of 7 (outside of a bus crash, or Jan Bulis being bitten by a radioactive spider, that is).

Detroit over San Jose in 5. "In 5" is probably just stupid, but I trust the Wings to play their best game a lot more than I trust the Sharks to play theirs.

This is the year, I think, where instead of the East team beating the West on their home rink in G7, the West team (whether it's DET or ANA) just fustigates the East team (Ottawa, it says here) in 4 or 5 games in the Finals.


Not a big believer in Buffalo then?

I think Anaheim and San Jose have looked the best in the playoffs so far. Vancouver is gonna get blown away.

Vancouver is gonna get blown away.

I'd like to disagree and begin an incessant and focussed rant telling you how everyone is underestimating the Canucks.

Sadly, I cannot. There is just no way to overstate the complete depth of talent that is the Ducks. They are that darn good.

I don't think it will be a sweep, but six games might be pushing it :-(

If they were up against any team except the Ducks, I wouldn't have said it.

Then again: that's why they play the games, no?

I don't think it will be a sweep, but six games might be pushing it :-(

By the way, this is the kind of humble, cap-in-hand stuff that works best for the Hockey Gods. It served us pretty well last year...

Detroit is banged up and SJ won't have a problem with them.

Book it, SJ in 5, 6 at the most.

Pronger: 33 min game one. That kid's got a future.

Pronger: 33 min game one.

Huh. Never heard of him. I'll have to keep my eye out.

Detroit in 7 (the Sharks feel like next year's team yet again), Anaheim in 6 (probably generous, but what the hell; "Bobby Lou" can't save your asses without run support against a team with actual, identifiable offensive talent), Buffalo in 6 (wanted to pick the upset, didn't, not regretting it so far), and Ottawa in 5 (glad to see I'm not the only one that sees these guys pancaking another team or two).

Um...GOSENS? I don't know at this point. Not entirely sure I care, either.

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