Friday, April 06, 2007


Momentum Watch 2007

Latest in a series. Here's the quarterly update. [Note: I will bump Sacamano's BoA game post back to the top later/tomorrow]. Western Conference, Points:

Western Conference, Goal Differential (includes SO & EN goals):

Eastern Conference, Points:

Eastern Conference, Goal Differential:

Especially relative to last year, there is a real rich-get-richer, poor-get-poorer dynamic to the final quarter standings. Apart from Colorado, Florida is really the only non-playoff team that outperformed its position in the overall standings. Particularly in the West, there's nothing going on to give the fans of bad teams a lot of optimism going into next year. The Blues, maybe.

In case you were wondering, yes: the Oilers 4th quarter is the worst of any team since the lockout. 30 teams X 4 quarters X 2 seasons, that's 240 Team-Quarters. Their 7 points is 240th/240, and their -39 G.D. is 240th/240. And that includes the wins in Detroit and Columbus back in the glimmer-of-hope days.

Some of this information is relevant to handicapping the playoffs, I think; I'll hit that in another post.


oh god, that is some epic, gather-your-grandkids-around-the-cyber-fire-and
-tell-them-stories-about-the-bad-old-days level of suckage.

I honestly don't think any Oiler fan will care if they manage to beat Calgary on Saturday night (assuming Colorado does the job against Nashville) and send the Flames to Denver for a penultimate showdown for 8th with their tail between their legs.

And they would care even less if the Oilers win the draft lottery next Tuesday. Cherepanov, anyone?


You can tell when Minnesota got Gaborik and Demitra back in the lineup at the same time, that's for sure. Wow did they ever get hot.

hey, you remember those awesome Knob Hockey clips? Remember the one with Conklin? That "ohhhhhhhgod....OHHHHHHGOD AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGHHH ...." bit is pretty much what the last 20 games have sounded like.

Ten Things About Momentum in the Postseason -- The Hardball Times. This should be relevant to most sports.

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