Thursday, April 05, 2007



I don't understand a word of it, but boy this footage of a 26 year-old Ichiro Suzuki versus an 18 year-old Daisuke Matsuzaka is sure fun to watch.

The Monster makes his first appearance today, versus the MLB equivalent of the current Edmonton Oilers, the Kansas City Royals. There probably hasn't been this much buzz at a Royals game since Bo Jackson stepped on the field for the first time, which is really just sad. If Matsuzuka is successful this year, it will be interesting to see what effect, if any, he will have on the way North American pitchers are trained and handled (which is currently like Mr. Glass in Unbreakable). More mania can be found here, including Matsuzaka's new Japanese Nike ad.



The subtitles TOTALLY helped me understand what was going on.

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The epic score near the end was my fave.

Give it up for Zach Greinke on the comeback trail. He dueled with Matsuzaka for seven innings and did pretty damn well against a real offense.

I'm already well past sick of the Red Sox. What are they now? A mere $20-30MM in payroll back of the Yankees? Hypocrites.

good start for Grienke, the "future" of the royals looks great... is what I'd be saying if Gordon wasn't striking out in half of his at bats.

Hey Colby, forget Matsuzaka, he'll get his press. Grienke struck out Ortiz 3 times today, in his 3 AB's vs. Grienke.

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