Monday, April 02, 2007


Hey, Rockers

I don't feel like I've talked about Chuck Klosterman enough lately (something I used to do all the time when I cared about things), so I thought I would mention his Final Four blog on ESPN2. Of course, Klosterman claims to hate blogs, so he refuses to call it that. But he did drop this gem about himself on Thursday, which is similar to a formula he created in Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs:

"But here's a partial list of things I would like to write about, which may or may not appear in this space:

7. A lot of that, "Have you ever noticed that [specific Florida player] is like the [dated cultural reference] version of [obscure player from the middle 1980s] except that his [some ridiculous stoner concept about grizzly bears] has been filtered through the political ideology of [random indie artist currently on tour with Built to Spill]?" We all have to pay the rent, rockers. I know who I am."

Amen, Chuck. Amen.

As for the game Monday night, I'm going to predict a Gators win. I didn't get to see the two semis this weekend, sadly, but I'm hoping to check out this game. Should be a good one.


I am highly suspicious of blogs that refuse to be called blogs unless this is some sort of new anti-marketing to pit a blog against others as a new and untried product.

Klosterfuck on blogs:

You didn't miss much Andy. Two terrible semis.

The headline of that gawker post is sublime.

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