Monday, April 09, 2007


Andy Grabia (Ret.)

Before I move on to all things playoff, I'd like to thank Andy Grabia for his fantastic 10 months here at the site. His contributions were massive, both in terms of quality and (of course) quantity. I suck at writing "obituaries" (tributes?), but this is the note I sent to Andy earlier in his decision-making process:
...if you're not having fun, I'm not going to try to convince you that you in fact ARE, but you have done an excellent, excellent job. I owe you a lot of thanks; it was at least 50/50 that the site would shrivel up and die when I had no Oily counterpart, and it ended up getting better.

Damn straight. I'm gratified to see all the good wishes in the comments to the previous thread; they're well-earned. And with due respect to Pat (I love your site, and would be honoured to get drunk with you some day), I hope that if Andy feels like piping up about anything hockey at some point in the future, he'll come back and do it here.

The immediate plans for the site are for me to talk about the Flames playoff run, however long that may be. Past that, who knows. Thanks a mil, Andy.


So you'll address the Andy thing after the next 4 games, then?

To borrow a phrase from my 6-year-old, "That's so funny I forgot to laugh."

Weir going all the way, baby.


Someone out there better step in and take over for Andy. Its daunting to be sure but just as Andy stepped in for Sacamano and did a terrific job, hopefully someone can do the same now.

We need a yin to Matt's yang.

I consider a replacement for Grabia, vital: where else can I go for my Oiler-mocking needs?

matt: touche.

Thank you, Matt.

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