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And On That Note... long. After much thought and deliberation, I've decided to move on from The Battle of Alberta. I'd like to get away from blogging for a while, and then start to work on some other, bigger writing projects. I've been blogging about sports almost every day for two years now, and I need a break. Obviously the current state of my beloved franchise has made the decision easier. But I've been thinking about this for several months, and would have come to the same decision regardless. Many thanks to all those who have come by the site and added their thoughts and insights. I learned a great deal about a great number of things, and it's (usually) been a blast. Many thanks to my fellows in the Oilogosphere and beyond, who continue to put out an amazing product for the low, low price of absolutely free. I now count many of you as friends, and hope our friendship will continue. And lastly, thanks to Hugh and Matt for the opportunity to be a part of this site. I missed Hugh's sense of humour, as well as his optimism, and was glad when he dropped the occasional comment or post. Matt is, in my mind, the best hockey writer on the planet. Considering he posts in his spare time, while juggling a job and a young familiy, what he puts out on a daily basis is nothing short of a miracle. I can't even imagine what the output would be like if he devoted all of his efforts towards this site. It would be nothing short of mind-blowing, I'm sure. He's just that good.

I find it hard to believe that I'll disappear. I'll still be a presence in the comments. Pat has kindly offered to let me do the occasional post on his site, which I may take him up on. Once the Mayor and the EIG work up the courage to start demanding a new stadium again, maybe Matt will let me drop a rant. Maybe I'll get an email today making me an offer I can't refuse, and I'll jump right back into the blogging. I dunno. All I know is that right now, this is the best course of action for me to take. As such, I'm taking it.

Again, my thanks to all who have supported me, Matt and this site. Take care everyone, and enjoy the playoffs.



Why does Edmonton keep losing its hockey bloggers? I was reading the survey on Technorati and people say that the Oilers are the team that they'd least want to blog about. Fucking bullshit.

(Thanks Andy)

...the Oilers are the team that they'd least want to blog about.

Must be because the standards are so high. Oilers bloggers totally rock. :)

Good luck, and enjoy your retirement/sabbatical.

Andy, I'm going to miss your posts, especially the volume of them. If I was ever bored, I always knew there would be a new post over at BoA, and they were always top notch! Good luck!

Thanks for putting up with my shit all season, Andy.

I'm certain there is a joke here about a disgruntled wife and an affair with a Hot Oil girl...

Well, I was just going to say he's always welcome at hot-oil.

But if the current rumours are true, maybe not.

Farewell Grabia.

Take care, Andy. I definitely understand the desire to step back and breathe. Blogging is fun, but when it becomes an obligation rather than a fun diversion, then it can be not so fun.

You've helped make hockey life bearable during the past 8 months, and I mean that. Godspeed, Grabia.

Fare thee well, Andy. You're one of those rare birds: I've disagreed with just about every word you've ever written about the Oilers and yet I've always been able to respect your opinions and even change my mind once in a while, because you were good at what you did.'re just another bandwagon fan.

All the best, Andy. I've enjoyed your humor, viewpoint and energy that you bring to the best game in the world.

You are a gentleman.

Do we nominate a replacement? Or will one be appointed for us?

Good luck, hopefully see your stuff on Pat's site once in a while.

Grabia, you've been awesome for this site and Oilogospherination in general.

Get that break, man, and enjoy it.

Burnout? Take the rest of the day off, and get a good night's rest. We'll see you bright and early Monday morning.

PS Don't tell Matt I gave you the rest of the day off.

shit, thats too bad. BOA a good site, but without your input it wont be the same.

Say it ain't so.. If you have half as much fun blogging as everyone else does reading your stuff every day, you'll reconsider. Please Andy. Please.

The sheer quantity and quality of analysis that comes out of the Oilogosphere blows my mind, and you've played no small part in spurring that on. Many thanks, Andy, for that, and helping feed my addiction to reading about the hometown team.

I wish you the luck with your future projects. (Although, c'mon, we all know there's no "bigger writing" than blogging. ;-)

Islanders get in!! Go Bergy and Smytty!

Is Sac supposed to be coming back to Edmonton later this year, or are he and Matt looking for another replacement?


Andy: The BoA blog has been a daily stop for me for two years now. I was sad to see Sac go last year and I'm just as disappointed you're leaving now. That said I completly understand your decision.

Best of luck with everything else you do and I've got all the confidence in the world that Matt will keep this page on my must-read list for a long time.

This saddens me ... like Pete above (who is not me, but some other guy named peter) your site has been a daily stop for a couple of years. sacamano left a pair of big Wellingtons to fill and you filkled them brilliantly. I'll miss you wit, your insight and your inexplicable love for your team.

All the best.

PS (I've no doubt you'll be back in some form after a well earned break. So, all the best until then.)


I nominate mclea

You're humor and analysis will certainly be missed, Grabia. Good luck in your other endeavors...

Andy, you are the best writer the Oilers have. I'll miss your insight on my hated rival!! Good luck on whatever projects you have on the go. If you put similar passion into those projects that you did on this site, I know you will excel. Take Care!!!

"Why does Edmonton keep losing its hockey bloggers?"

I dunno, but a better question to ask is why do they keep losing their key players. Or why do they just keep losing hockey games...

You know that joke about 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean...

Just kidding of course, I'll miss exchanging words with Andy, but I'm sure we'll still have the fantasy pools...

Seriously, Wild Hogs is kicking ass for me...

Andy, Will miss your often candid takes on the Oilers. A break after the season we have suffered through this year is understandable. But once the draft rolls around and free agents start stiffing the Oilers. And Pronger's wife decides the air in Southern California is wrecking her skin. It will come back. See ya next season.

You'll be missed, hun but I hope you enjoy your break and wish you luck on your future projects! Hope to see you back at least once in awhile!

Thanks for so many good reads. I'll miss reading your take. I really, sincerely , honestly have loved stopping by here every day.
Andrew White

Fuck, you're a week late for April Fools. Seriously this blows, I want to cry.

Ah, that's too bad. Just don't drop outta the hockey blogosphere altogether chum.

Andy, I read the site a lot. I am now ever so upset that you have moved on, but I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Just until the pre-season right?!?! RIGHT?!?!

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