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I planned on following up today with a discussion of what might happen with the 5 big guys who have one year left on their contracts (Iginla, Langkow, Huselius, Regehr, Kipper). But, I decided I need a bit more time to ponder.

In the interim: at left is a salary chart (cap figures) of the players under contract for 2007/08, including RFAs that still need to be signed (in red). Dollar figures for the RFAs are wild guesses, except in Lombardi's case. He was quoted in a story at saying that he and the team have agreed to a contract; that quote appears to have since been scrubbed. However, since the same story appeared at RDS in early April (ÞMG) -- and the number seems about right -- I'm going to assume that it's true (enough).

I'll stop you before you pick at the details (no, I don't expect Irving to bypass the AHL, for example). It's not a depth chart; it's a rough idea of where the Flames stand, cash-wise, prior to upgrading particular roster slots.

For example: Flames sign a UFA defenceman for $3.6M/yr. That would replace one of the $600k slots, payroll goes from $38.7M to $41.7M.

Salary cap is going to be $47-$48M next season; I don't think the Flames will be quite bumping up against it a la Devils, but $44-$45M seems like a decent guess for a Opening Night payroll.

Also, FYI: in terms of cap space management, there is no advantage to signing a player (e.g. Iginla) to an extension this July, as opposed to a "new" contract next July. If Iginla signed a $10M/yr X 3 year extension on July 1st, his cap figure would still be $7M this season, then $10M for each of the following 3: there is no ability to re-average, so to speak.


iginla is worth every penny
8M season x 5 seasons would be well worth teh investment

I haven't seen an real confirmation of that Lombo deal, although TSN has made mention of it recently as well.

Matt, I'm assuming you expect a few of these guys to be dealt so better (and more expensive, but still better) veterans can take their place?

I'm looking at Richie Regehr and Andrei Taratukhin specifically. The Flames (I'd assume?) wouldn't enter the season with that kind of D, so we can figure someone like Hamrlik (or Stuart - but he's going to cost a lot more) steps back in and one of the young D is bounced, correct?

Either way, even with Conroy's albatross in there, the Flames are still sitting pretty for next season, but I'm very interested to see how (or if?) they upgrade the lower half of their roster, especially up front.

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