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Big day. Kansas, The Ohio State, UCLA, and Florida as the #1 seeds? Some other configuration? Wisconsin? North Carolina? Thoughts?

Still room in the March Madness pool, as well. Email me if you want in.


North Carolina will get a one over Florida.

You don't think the defending national champs get the benefit of a #1?

Half right. Story of my life.

Oh baby, it's fun to be a Hoyas fan again. I've been a GU guy since reading about Ewing and Co in my sister's ex BF's old SI's in the early '80's and once we picked up the amerk networks I could sorta keep an eye on them. It's cool that I've seen this year's junior class since they all debuted, ie Hibbert-Wallace and my absolute favorite Jeff Green in the fall of '04. That first year they fell apart down the stretch and didn't make it, last year they took it to the last posession in the S16 vs eventual champs Fla and this year was a beauty right down to not giving in after ND was shooting out of their heads in the semi on friday night and GU fucking took apart Pitt last night in the Big East champ game.

I gotta do some reading up on Belmount, their first opp, and then the winner of BC/Texas Tech. It would be cool to face off against Durant and the Hoyas owe NC a loss or two, ie the championship final with fred brown throwing the ball away PLUS there was a year where they lost to the Vince Carter/Antwan Jameson tar heels. Not sure which tourney that was.

Can't wait until Thurs:)

I feel bad for North Carolina fans. They get Michigan State in the 2nd round, Texas in the sweet 16, and then the Hoyas in the elite 8.

Good luck getting out of that bracket. It's going to be a blood bath.

ie Hibbert-Wallace and my absolute favorite Jeff Green in the fall of '04.

Hibbert's an absolute beast. Definitely my favorite player in college this year.

Dennis, you want in on the pool?

Hibbert's still pretty green, even after three years of college ball. His vertical isn't great and sometimes he gets boxed out of on the offensive glass when he really shouldn't. He also doesn't have the best body though I don't think it's as bad as Gray's looked last night. He's certainly come a long way from when I saw him as a frosh though. He has a decent up and under now and when he throws up the hook I get a real charge out of that.

Green's still my guy though. He can get his pocket picked if he handles the ball too much at the top of the key but he's a solid to excellent guy when it comes to all the aspects of the game. He's sorta like a Horc in that regard though one thing he's shown as a junior is that he can take over a game when the rest of the boys are lagging. From what I read he carried the boys during Friday night's semi and I've seen seven Hoyas games this year and I've seen him do it down the stretch. He has a nice jump shot and a nice hook and is silky smooth. I wish I would've bought the college hoops package and had watched this team for about 15 games but the ladyfriend puts up with enough now as it is;)

Anyway, this is the most jacked I've been since the Iverson Hoyas of '96.

AG, my email is

March Madness, Andy? On this, the 11th day of the 3rd month of the 6th calendar year of Lowe's reign ... and you're talking college basketball?

You caught me off guard, I came here looking for BBQ tips.

I'm kinda hoping Georgetown makes a run, just because it will afford me more opportunities to talk about the who wants to sex Mutombo? story.

Email was sent, Dennis. Did you get it?

Can someone explain why NCAA sports are followed so closely by Canadians? I mean, basketball and football are huge, but hockey is completly ignored.

It just doesn't make any sense to me...


What's on the line in this pool? Bragging rights just, or is there a tangible wager happenin'?

Either way, I want in.

Yeah I got it.

Alright Grabia, throw me an email...

Or drop by my site with the details...

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