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Edmonton Oilers Press Release:
The Edmonton Oilers have signed defenceman Dale Durgeon from the Cancun Chilly Peppers of the Latin American Hockey League.

Durgeon's signing was made necessary by numerous injuries. The Oilers now have 6 defencemen sidelined due to injury: out of the lineup are Tom Gilbert (concussion), Jan Hejda (shoulder), Mathieu Roy (concussion), Steve Staios (knee), Daniel Tjarnqvist (inflamed pubic bone), and Jason Smith (self-inflicted gunshot wound).

Durgeon, a 6’0”, 181-pound 28-year-old from Field, BC, has scored one assist with fourteen penalty minutes and is -2 in eighteen games with Cancun. The Chilly Peppers are the third team he has played for in 2006-07, as he has also suited up for the LAHL’s Mazatlan Kidnappers, as well as the "Calum" Team on OLN's Road Hockey Rumble.

Francois Boot, an undrafted defenceman with the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League's La Ronge Ice Wolves, has been advised to "stand by".


Sweet, Field gets a shout out... he must be a mountain man.

In 2000 Durgeon was rated on as one of the top 500 prospects, so I'm stoked.

Francoise Boot! Cosh's nightmare come true!


Sounds like a move straight from my online league. Tank it for Tavares in 2009!!!

If Durgeon was a 1st rounder, Cosh is all in favour of him.

>the "Calum" Team on OLN's Road Hockey Rumble.

Matt's on the take!

You know what's ridiculous? I wasn't even shocked by this the first time I read it. My first thought was actually, "hmm...I didn't know there was a Latin American League"

It's true, I'm a whore.

I'm willing to link to your hockey-related product or service for the price of a friendly email.

So, I'm also a cheap whore.

I think Monsieur Boot is just playing footsie with Lowe. He's just using the Oilers' interest to get his job back at Suncor.

Totally off topic....GO HUSKIES GO!! ;)

I won't lie--this is the funniest thing I've seen on BoA or Covered in Oil in weeks.

I had a dream last night where I was reading this morning's paper and MacT was steadfast in his belief that this year's Oilers were not only going to "make it to the playoffs", but that they'll "take the playoffs", as well. I was flabbergasted.

Received via IM: "Uh-oh. They're saying on The Team that Dale Durgeon just separated a shoulder in practice!"

Ohhh, mercy.

If they'd just been patient with Chris Hajt they could call him up now. Shortsighted if you ask me.

Anyone hear from Cosh lately?

I wish I hadn't thought this could be serious for as many sentences as I did.

Ditto. I was completely convinced until "self-inflicted gunshot wound", and even then it took me a minute to realize that Jason Smith isn't injured. I think someone needs to drive him out to the countryside and set him free, lest he actually hurt himself.

Colby's around, donchoo worry. He's preparing a comment that will BLOW YOUR MIND. Weeee-oooo-eeeee-oo!

I haven't slept in about forty hours.

I like he got many of us....until Jason Smith and the self-inflicted gun-shot wound. No way he'd go out like that. It would be murder-suicide. He'd take as many people as he could with him (I'm looking at you Lupul and Greene).

Anyone hear from Cosh lately?

He's kind of a big deal, now, and always busy. But he's around.

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Just to let you know, after posting the link to this article on my fantasy team page, one of the guys has changed his team name to "Dale Durgeon for MVP", while another has named his team "Dungeon of Durgeon".

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