Friday, March 09, 2007


Quack, Quack, Quack

Remember when we used to care about playing the Ducks? Good times. Thanx, Kevin Lowe!

It's not a hockey story, but this column by Dan Wetzel on Major League Baseball's recent deal with Direct TV resonates with me, for some odd, strange reason. Something to do with treating fans like dirt. Hmm. Then again, I'm apparently not a "true believer fan," so I should just keep quiet. And I know we joked about it before, but I'm actually getting concerned about Dan Barnes. He hasn't had a thing in the Journal since March 1st. Here's hoping he's on a vacation, a vacation of his own choosing.

Now sssssssssshhhhhhhhhh, everyone go back to sleep.


Hey, you never know. Might we see Lupul getting a shift on the blueline tonight?

Wow. See you next year, Jussi. MacT uses the shortest leash ever.

Is it just me, or did he pull Jussi on a deflected goal?

I think MacT is determined to destroy Jussi's confidence.

Nope. Deflected goal AND on the power play. 78 seconds and out, gotta be some sort of record for that short a fuse.

They pulled the goalie already? Why was Jussi getting two starts in a row anyway? MacT continues to boggle.

Yeah that goal looked like it deflected off Pisser's stick. Maybe Jussi's got the runs.

And man, are things ever bad when you're getting owned by Parros and May.

Do the Oilers actually pay Gene Principe's salary? When I heard LaForge talk about the "Oiler Family" during that "interview," bile leapt into my throat. No questions about Smyth. No questions about the salary cap. Just fluffing Oil Country so that they buy seasons tickets.

Okay, I'm back from the gym (Friday is a bit of school night: I work tomorrow).

First off, who's actually watching this game?

Heh. Gene Principe.

I remember Sportsnet had an 8 MINUTE self-indulgent feature on how Shawn Horcoff went as Gene for Hallowe'en, and you could tell that Gene practically creamed his pants with pride.

Then again, do we want Roger Millions back?

OH, and Corey Perry scores.



This team is REALLY, REALLY BAD, with not a lot of hope in sight.

Joffrey Lupul is garbage.



Well, a 4-0 game became a 3-1 game. That's gotta be a positive.

Ducks don't give up a lot of shorties, 3 all year, I think, although all 3 have been when both Giguere and Pronger are out.

Toby Peterson? Wow...

Trade Lupul for a used jockstrap.

Bring back Smyth.

Get healthy for next October.

Find top-two defenseman.

That is all.


You can't stop Toby Peterson, you can only hope to contain him.

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Second overall, here we come.

Poor Gene.

Can't he atleast get a free pass?

Gotta love the stat sheet for Jussi's goals against average for this game.


Poor guy.

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Come on guys, YOU GOTTA BELIEVE.

Come on guys, YOU GOTTA BELIEVE.

I believe we can win the draft lottery, yes.

I loved Pleasure Motors' line from that Hot Oil link:

"I'm not mad at the Oilers because they're losing, I'm mad at them because they're shitting in my mouth and calling it Robert Nilsson."

Amen, brother. Amen.

I've waving the white flag finally, after being in denial for the better part of the year, I'm giving up on the season.

Nilsson is going to become the second coming of a prime Adam Oates...O'Marra is going to turn into the prototypical first line power forward cashing in off of Ro-bear, Grebby is going to turn into Konstantinov with the offensive flair of Mironov when he was good (and won't shoot high at the worse possible times into traffic), Laddy is going to turn into Lidstrom with a mean streak, Lupul will find a 7 leaf clover and go on to lead the league in goals, Horcoff will keep up a point a game pace, Hemsky will discover that if he actually shoot at the end of his amazing dangles through entire teams his team will get more goals, Torres will get concussed (aren't all the Oilers taking turns being concussed?) and come back thinking he's Messier, Racheal Hunter will get back to together with her ex sending Stoll into a furious bloodlust that he will unleash on an unsuspecting league, and Smyth will resign for one more year, the Oilers will go 82-0-0, then 16-0-0 in the playoffs, and this will all happen next season...

...also I am going to win a lottery jackpot of 100 million dollars and the girl I've been crazy about for the last 8 years will magically feel the same way about me that I feel about her...oh could happen.

Amen, brother. Amen.

Yup. He pretty much covers it in one beautiful sentence.

So you know those ads they were showing in Rexall about re-upping season tix?

When do you think they filmed them? Think there's a Smytty one? I was thinking about it the other day watching the ones with the other guys... do you think they ACTUALLY got him to do one and then sent him on his way? How horrifying would it be if it actually made it into rotation by accident?

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