Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The Madness Is Running Wild, Ooooh Yeahhhh!!!

I've re-emailed a few people who wanted in the BoA March Madness Pool, but haven't seemed to sign up. If there are any others who want in, let me know ASAP. As well, check out this beauty of a story from The Onion. Glove tap to Aaron for the link.


And there's this, as a bonus for admirers of Calgary's Sunridge Mall.

Is that story a joke?

More Iron Chef French, less Greg Millen.

I think most americans look at the NHL like I do when it comes to CFL football and curling: it's not real

I probably missed the deadline but if it's anything like sportnet's picks, I already filled that out.

I'll be on the ball (no pun intended) next March.

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