Tuesday, March 20, 2007


For Entertainment Purposes Only, Pt.2

This is the upside-down standings, i.e. points surrendered, or points earned by opponents. I'll stress that success in OT/SO helps here, as you're not surrendering that 2nd point.


Interesting take, Matt, although I will say that I probably like the previous format better.

This table in my mind punishes teams that go to OT excessively, as there are always points given away in OT/SO. However, from an individual team's perspective, I can't see why this is a bad thing: sure, there are now more points out there spread among your competitors, but that should be of minimal consideration compared to how many points you get to take away from each game.

In other words, I get why teams at certain points in games "play for OT" and the guaranteed point that comes with it. This sort of format implies that they should not be doing so.

Yeah, I don't know how much if any use this is, it's just a bit different way of looking at things.

Way back, I made a semi-facetious suggestion. Given that the NHL:
(A) doesn't have a problem with some games being worth a different # of points than others, and
(B) wants to incentivize scoring and a go-for-it attitude

..they should make OT/SO games worth 1 point instead of 3. Don't win in regulation? 1 point disappears into the ether, and you're left to fight over the 1 remaining.

But, it looks bad when 23/30 teams are below .500, rather than above .500 like now.


I finally figured out why they couldn't pay Ryan that extra $100k. They did it for the fans!
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I like the simplest solution: make OT 5 minutes longer, about as long as it takes to set up and do the shootout. More OT, less ties.

2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie.

Of course, that will never happen, but I think it would be best for the integrity of the game.

As much as I stand up and cheer during shootouts, there's still something kind of cheap and throwaway about earning that extra point.

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I posted my ideas on my blog this morning

it boils down to:

3 pts for a win
2 for an Ot win (10 min of 4vs4)
1 pt for a shootout win
0 for a loss

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