Thursday, March 29, 2007


Flames Game Night

One of these Flames-Wild games has got to be a barnburner! (Well, not really, but whatever.)

Calgary 5, Minnesota 4. Iginla scores all 5; Edith Macgregor of Kindersley, SK hits the Safeway Million Dollar Score & Win. Go Flames.


2-0 Flames!

In regulation, please...

Wow, after the first your prediction is looking a little more likely.

hehehe, truth be told, it wasn't a prediction... I was announcing the score :-0

3-1 now... very good news indeed. If Naslund played like Iginla the Canucks would never lose.

err...I was refering to Matt's prediction.

Okay... wasn't sure!

Whaddya know... Iggy's got a hat trick.

Nice prediction Matt. Unfortunately Edith didn't win, so you were a bit off.

Big road win. If I may pick a nit: two powerplay goals allowed-arrgghh!!

Do we even have to mention it anymore?: Oilers lose again, this time stomped by St. Loo.

Edith Campbell won a prize pack from Alliance Atlantis when Daniel Sedin scored tonight. Does that count?

What the hell, sure it counts. I'll take it. (I missed who won all 8 things thanks to Jarome's hat trick; if it was so much as a woman from Saskatchewan, I'm heading to the Lotto booth tomorrow.)

Sorry was someone from Nowheresville Manitoba if I recall correctly.

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