Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Flames Game Night

Detroit at Calgary, 7PM MT, RSN West, very possible Round 1 playoff preview. However, the win's the thing tonight. The Avalanche have 2 straight in Edmonton, so you have to assume that the Flames need Ws to stay ahead.

I got nothing at the moment. Win, please. How's about goals from Iginla, Phaneuf, and Primeau in the course of an important 3-1 victory. Go Flames.


That's where you're wrong. If we're missing the playoffs, we're going to do it right this year.


Hell, I got no love for the Avs, I can't think of one reason why Colorado missing the playoffs wouldn't be a sweet cherishable moment.

go get 'em Friesen!

I'm with Sleek on this one. Those damned Avs have brought me more frustration over the past ten years than any other team.

Was there supposed to be a make up game when that Calgary - Colorado game got snowed out earlier in the season?

a hockey fan

Was there supposed to be a make up game when that Calgary - Colorado game got snowed out

April 8th


Damn you Red Wings. Can't you do us a solid? How the hell is Chris Chelios on a holiday with his kid right now?

Well that was pretty sweet. The boys finally turned down the suck and turned up the awesome. We're going to have to deal with those pesky Nordiques for another couple of weeks, but they are probably down for the count now.

BUT -- the highlight of the night was that with this win, the Flames officially eliminated the Oilers from the playoffs. Just like they did in 2003. I love it when that happens.

Just like they did in 2003.

The Flames missed the playoffs in 2003. For the seventh consecutive year. The Oilers did not.

Whoops, my bad. The Flames scubbed the Oilers playoff hopes in 2002.

Given my team was going nowhere that year, rubbing the Oil out of the playoffs was a sour cherry on the top of another season of futility.

The higlight of the game, for me, was the Floppinator's dive that was so bad he would make the Portugese Soccer team blush.

I was even cheering for the Red wings last night (I think my fingertips burned a little when i just wrote that) and that was the highlight of the night.

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