Saturday, March 10, 2007


Flames Game Night

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It has been a long time since the Flames played the Lightning (8PM MT, HNiC). Long time. Any comment on that, Coach Tortorella?
"It's stupid," Lightning coach John Tortorella said of the scheduling.

For once, the Fonz and I agree. The Lightning are an interesting team, and I'm looking forward to this game. Their Big 3 forwards, plus Rod Brind'Amour, are the four NHL-leading forwards in ice-time per game. Marty St. Louis has kept my hockey pool team afloat nearly by himself (not bad for the 91st overall pick). A disappointing Marc Denis and a surprisingly competent Johan Holmqvist have been just good enough in goal. (How surprisingly? Brushback votes for Holmqvist as the worst player in Wolf Pack history, i.e. the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League.)

In light of the fact that Minnesota and Vancouver beat the Sabres and Sharks last night -- on the road -- the Flames could really use a win tonight. I like their chances.

Calgary 5 (Lombardi & Langkow before the goalie change, Huselius & Iginla x2 after)
The TBL 2 (wild guess, let's say St. Louis and Lecavalier)

Go Flames.

Comments: Iggy TOUCHING the Campbell trophy?! You're not supposed to touch it! No wonder they lost.

hee hee.

Good game so far. I'd like to see the refs call it the same both ways, fer crissakes. Not that it would do much good, given the ultra crap that the Flames powerplay has become again.

Huselius scores, Tanguay empty net. 3-1 Final.

And a big thank you to Langkow and Hamrlik!

Well .... that sucked.

>You're not supposed to touch it! No wonder they lost.

It also doesn't work when you DON'T touch it. See: 2006 Edmonton Oilers.

I think, for luck's sake, the next Western team that wins it should have their captain dry hump the goddamn trophy.

Markus Naslund dry humping?

Where do I sign up???

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