Saturday, March 03, 2007


Everyday is Saturday Night, But I Can't Wait for Sunday Morning

My parents are letting me out of the basement tonight, so I'll be going to watch the Bears play the Thunderbirds in Game Two of the Mountain Division Final. The Bears won Game One, 5-1. I hear the Wilkes-Rapid Stockton Thunder-Admirals are playing the Flames as well this eve, but it's of no concern to I. If someone could let me know when a) the T&A's lower season ticket prices to reflect the fact they are dressing a sub-standard roster, or b) my boy Robbie Schremp is in the lineup, that would be great. And yes, I know some will say that point A and B are talking about the same thing, but I'm not one of them. I love Robbie, if for no other reason than so many others don't. Once he sells out and becomes popular, I'll drop him like I dropped Dylan after he went electric. That's how I roll.

Don't forget, the Bears have the best hockey product in Edmonton. I wrote that before February 27th (and Scott Petersen!), and it's even more true now. Come on out and show the boys some love.





Andy... Your boy Schremp can't be called up.. The Oilers have hit the max call-ups already.. Unless we run into another wave of concussions, Schremp will continue to play for the Baby-Pens

Damn, that's right. Well, I guess reason B for watching again s out the window.

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