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And he's back with a vengeance, baby!

"If season ticket holders re-up before Wednesday's deadline, they guarantee themselves a five per cent price hike and a chance to reduce that by three per cent, should they pay in full by early September. If they hold off until the next renewal deadline in May, the tab for fandom in this city only climbs further through the Rexall Place roof."

We seriously need to email this guy and thank him. He's our Journal Jesus.

"Lowe simply wanted to communicate the team's "continued commitment to success" to fans who may have been confused by his continued commitment to sending players to Long Island. He detailed the treasure trove of youngsters still in the fold, people like Zack Stortini and Jean-Francois Jacques, and promised a dogged pursuit of a championship."

Here comes the money shot!!!

"Or they could try to buy one in free agency, though competition for those players is fierce and extremely expensive. But that was the gamble with Smyth, right? Pay too much now or even more later. Hey, Kevin, the fans know exactly how you feel."

And scene.


He's back.

Wow, he does not pull any punches.

Wonder how long before he's on the police beat in Moose Jaw?

I bet he reads the blogs.

"Head coach Craig MacTavish's blind spots for Brad Winchester and Toby Peterson remain large, baffling and debilitating. There are serious depth issues at centre and left-wing. They lacked muscle. They do not own a bona fide superstar capable of acting as the team's cornerstone and may have to wait several years until Ales Hemsky decides to be that player. If it happens."

Sounds like the Oilogosphere's mantra of the last 9 months.

...copper and blew...

This guy is hilarious.

Is it unfortunate, painful, or just plain hilarious that that made me smile (even if it was slightly sardonic) more in the last five minutes than anything Oilers-related has in....well, I don't really want to think that far back?

does he have an email address? i'd send him a note saying i appreciate what he's saying....

something tells me he gets his share of hate mail though.

I sent him an email after the Smyth trade articles. He's doing a good job and writing like he doesn't want it anymore.

Anyone wanna bet he ends up like Hoffa and his remains are encased in the concrete of the new downtown arena, but such a thing is repeatedly denied by the EIG?

Just a stunning series of shots by Barnes this morning. I didn't like him for the longest time due to his take on other matters, but this is certainly a breath of fresh air.

Barnes' presence just embarrasses the hell out of the pro-EIG/anti-dissent tag-team of Ireland & Matty. His ass is going to be canned faster than you can say "new arena".

Fuck the EIG
Fuck the Journal
Fuck the Sun
And, for good measure: Fuck da Flames

Awesome, I was just bitching to my roommate about how Dan Barnes just mysteriously disappearing after speaking out against the organization, as a means of demonstrating how mainstream media in Edmonton is a joke. How many days did he go without an article? I wasn't able to find anything by him for the past 4 issues.

Maybe Barnes can inquire as to KLowe's knowledge of this new draft ranking system when we acquired NYI first rounders which can now be anywhere from 15th to 30th overall instead of the 15th to 18th we all expected it to be?

Not only did the Oilers acquire that right, they actually voted for it. Of course, if the Ducks go down in the first round and the Isles miss...that's slightly better.

does he have an email address? i'd send him a note saying i appreciate what he's saying....

dbarnes@thejournal.canwest.com is what is listed at the bottom of the story.

Here's the draft storyjrm and Tyler are talking about. If Anaheim and the Isles make the finals...

"Head coach Craig MacTavish's blind spots for Brad Winchester and Toby Peterson remain large, baffling and debilitating."

Finally, finally....

Just sent him a note, as it's been rather embarassing to read the 'excellent and impartial' coverage of the Journal Sports lately.

You might want to cc: his editor as well. Better visibility for him.

Dan Barnes, everybody!

Great article by Barnes, no question. Bang on at almost every turn.

I can't stand Dan Barnes. He thinks he's so high and mighty all the time. He doesn't know what he's talking about, ever. This teams shot was last year, we lost, time to rebuild. I know it hurts, but accept it. It is time to start over. I for one, am excited, and I hope we don't win a game for the rest of the season. And why does everyone hate Toby Peterson? He is far more useful than everyone's beloved fourth line centre, Marty Reasoner.

Uh, Peterson is better than Reasoner? What's your rationale?

11 points in 52 games? Averaging more TOI than Reasoner?

And he makes us laugh!

Yup that's right, ZY: everything's gonna be juuuuuuuust fiiiiiiine.

Now go back to sleep (but don't forget to Renew! Renew! first.)


I know you don't follow the CFL, but don't you think the Eskies releasing Signor Mobley deserves a mention?

Isn't it past time to accept that last year was a fluke? The team wasn't really that good even with Pronger, you got a career spurt (which then he promptly cashed in on) from Pisani and Roli got hot till injured. But for most of the season it was 50/50 that the team would even make the playoffs. Enjoy the run for what it was, a glorious one of, now we resume regular programming: the Oil getting pounded 2 out of 3 nights.

I have to agree with the last Anon guy. Last year the Oilers were junk and especially when they hit the playoffs.

Their top four D was very young and green was garbage. Horc and Peca down the middle trying to check people? What a farce. Not to mention that Roli had never posted a pv PCT of above .900 and then he goes on a run like that?

Plus the team had been getting wicked netminding all season and still just managed to squeak into the playoffs.

haha owned

The return on Pronger was just brutal. It looked terrible at the time and it looks even worse now. As soon as you lose a guy who makes a positive difference and replace him with a couple of guys who do the opposite ... you're playing with fire.

I find it hard to believe that an impact D player like Pronger couldn't be traded for an impact F. Especially considering that Pronger was signed up for four more years at a contract value that was millions below market value.

Lowe was only ever interested in young players, prospects and draft picks in return. It looked like a cost cutting measure then, and it still does.

This franchise is going to hell in a handbasket.

I think it was a cost cutting measure—Lowe had players to resign and he knew they'd cost more. A premier forward wasn't in the budget the EIG gave him. If he had kept Pronger, someone would have needed to be traded or let leave in free agency.

Sadly, it seems we went down that road anyway (and for the record, I support trading Smyth.)

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