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Those Darned Internet Blog People, Take 476

"Once again, fans are saying, and bloggers are writing, that Craig MacTavish is a lousy coach."
--John Short

In fairness to Short (and MacT), he's right about the value of a goalie. A hot goalie makes any coach look like a genius. See the 2003/04 Calgary Flames, for example. Or the 2006/2007 Vancouver Canucks. We all know both teams would stink without their netminders. But I don't think I've ever called MacT a lousy coach. And I don't think I've seen any of my IBP colleagues do so, either. I don't like some of his line juggling, and based on the teams perpetual inability to play consistently well until late February I think it's reasonable to question his ability to motivate, but I don't think he's a bad coach. Craig Simpson, on the other hand...

p.s. If you can stand it (it is the Habs after all), watch the Habs/Pens game on CBC today. It should be a doozy, with lots of potential for fireworks.


I think the problem/confusion is that bloggers is here stand in for "people writing on the internet," which extends to people on forums--where there is plenty of criticism of MacT. A misuse of the term would be my guess, anyways.

A misuse of the term would be my guess, anyways.

Oh yeah, I agree. And it's not like Short was taking shots.

Man, Pittsburgh looks scary. Their PP makes me horny.

Watching some of the Pittsburgh game makes me pine for a decent Oilers power play.

Damn that team is smooth.

>I'm amazed by the number of media who can't do it.

Like when they pick Eklund as the Blogger representative?

A hot goalie makes any coach look like a genius. See the 2003/04 Calgary Flames, for example. Or the 2006/2007 Vancouver Canucks.

Or the 2005/06 Edmonton Oilers come playoff time! By sheer coincidence, that is the one point in Craig MacTavish's entire NHL career, including the phase of Salo's career when he was actually really good, where MacTavish looked like an NHL coach and not the sort of guy who chucked Ty Conklin on the bench in Game One of the Stanley Cup finals or played Toby Petersen 51:21 a game and put him on the point on the powerplay or took, like, 45 games to decide that the first like which did so well last year might actually be pretty good considering we have had a little trouble putting the biscuit in the basket...

...I guess what I'm saying is, screw you, Short, MacTavish sucks.

Anyone read Kelly Hrudey's column this morning? Here's the highlight:

Not long ago, I was alerted to the fact somebody is impersonating me on MySpace.
I'm currently working with my lawyer to shut down this site. This isn't harmless fun because I have no knowledge of their intentions when communicating with others.
If you have had contact with this person, be aware this is not me, nor do they have my permission to use my name.
I hope to have this cleared up soon.

First of all, everyone and their dog is impersonated on myspace. I remember Deadspin used to scan myspace for athletes pages until they realized that 99.9% of them were fake.

Secondly, thanks for sharing, but I'm positive nobody gives two shits, although I think it's funny that you have your lawyer running around trying to shut down myspace pages. He must love his life.

And lastly, we get it Kelly. You take yourself way too seriously, you have no sense of humour, and you think you're far more important than you actually are. So for fuck sakes get over yourself and lighten up a bit.

I don't know. I'd be worried if someone was impersonating me. I wouldn't find it funny. It opens you to litigation and all other sorts of headaches. Besides which, it's fraudelent. The problem with the internet is people think they don't have to be accountable for anything, and act accordingly. I mean, how can people be mad about Eklund being anonymous, and then support the use of handles, avatars and such? People need to say who they are so that they can be accountable for what they say and do. And part of that involves protecting your identity.

As for the points about MacT made by Lord Bob and Cosh, well said. I think it's pretty obvious that one of MacT's greater failings has been his inability to tell Roloson he'll be sitting out a game. He's admitted so himself.


Someone be sure to thank him for our 5 Stanley Cups!

Can he talk?

I get everything you're saying Andy, but my problem is with him bringing it up in his column. It just smakes of an exaggerated sense of his own importance. I mean great, get your lawyer to shut down a myspace page if you think its that big of deal, but why bother bringing it up in your column?

I think the fact that he believes that anyone cares is more telling than anything. That, and it just seems like it's one thing after another with this guy. Hardly a week goes by without Hrudey writing or saying something that drives me absolutely nuts.

Speaking of Hrudey, he's on right now, complaining about goalies being run this year. Frankly, I don't know what the hell he's talking about. I'm not seeing goalies getting run this year.

Mike Vernon never gave up a lead from mid-2nd on? Cmon, Hrudey. I've got ten years of evidence to counter that one.

Hrudey is an idiot of late. He was one of my fave HNIC dudes, but now, he's just stupid.

Kelly's one of the few national guys that likes the Oilers, and I imagine that won't change now that he's emceeing that Messier stuff, so it bothers me to nail him but I always try and call it down the middle.

What I didn't like from him today was when he was saying that Malkin was a better defensive player than Crosby. Really? Just how many Pens games has the guy actually watched? I get the feeling that was a "I'm gonna say this and people will believe it because I'm on HNIC" deal.

And for the 1000th time I don't know what's going on with MacT, Roli and the whole issue of playing time. Early on we read that Roli would call his own shots when it came to rest and then after xmas roli said he'd been playing too many games. Yet he kept up with the workload until Jussi played in the BTB last week.


I thought this blog was way too cool and intelligent to tune into John Short... He's so 1982.

1982 was a very good year.

Blade Runner?


I had dinner at the next table over from Kelly Hrudey and his family last week in Kensington. If I'd known how you guys felt, I would have given him a piece of my mind, not that I can spare it, but I would've taken one for the team...

Honestly, he probably doesn't know anything about blogs either, so he probably thinks it's much less common than it really is. I suspect it's his 'internet ignorance' and not his ego at play here.

1982 was a very good year.

Are you kidding? 1982 was terrible, just terrible.

There was this

Then this


Check out the Oilers win/loss column from that "then this" link...

I think the problem/confusion is that bloggers is here stand in for "people writing on the internet,"

Why is it that evertime someone in the MSM mentions "blogs" or "bloggers" you automatically assume their talking about you? Blog is media speak for people on the internet, not Andy Grabia at BOA.

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