Monday, February 12, 2007


A Series of Unfortunate Events

Is it just me, or should there have been more print about this series of events?

February 10, 2007: The Nashville Predators trade Eric Belanger to the Atlanta Thrashers for Vitali Vishnevski.

February 9, 2007: The Carolina Hurricanes trade Eric Belanger to the Nashville Predators for Josef Vasicek.

September 29, 2006: The Carolina Hurricanes trade Jack Johnson and Oleg Tverdosky to the Los Angeles Kings for Eric Belanger and Tim Gleason.

Point 1: Belanger has now moved from Los Angeles to Raleigh to Nashville to Atlanta in less than four and a half months.

Point 2: The Canes traded Belanger out of their division to the Predators, who then flipped him back into the Canes' division the very next day (Note: D-Lee covered this one).

Point 3: The Canes traded Belanger to Nashville for Vasicek, who they had already traded to Nashville for Scott Walker on July 18, 2006.

Point 4: The sum total of what the Canes got back for highly touted prospect Jack Johnson: Tim Gleason (36 GP, 3 Pts), Josef Vasicek (39 GP, 13 Pts) and Scott Walker (58 GP, 37 Pts).


Oleg Tverdosky was a salary dump, I think. Scott Walker had a great start and has cooled off a bit. Maybe Carolina knows JJ isn't as super-fabulous like everybody thinks?

Vasicek isn't even a net gain, is he? It's just Gleason and Walker on the ice. However (not to be ignored), that deal was the only way they get the Tverdovsky salary off their books, which is $2.5M this year AND next year for a guy who probably shouldn't be playing in the NHL anymore.

Walker's a nice enough player, but clearly, if the 'Canes miss the playoffs this year, it'll be a gamble gone very bad. (Then again, Rutherford knew what he was risking when he made the deal in the first place.)

No, Vasicek is on the ice. They just got him back for Belanger. He's not hurt, is he?

And yes, I should have included Oleg's salary dump in my total. But they could have just put the guy on waivers, and left him in the minors. Doesn't take it totally off the books, but it's off the cap at least. It's not like Karmanos is short on cash.

Sorry, I meant for the emphasis to be on "net", not "on the ice".

They effectively traded Eric Belanger for Scott Walker, right? (You can scratch Vasicek's name because he's on both sides of the equation). So OUT is Johnson + Oleg's $$, IN is Gleason and Walker.

I really don't think there's any way to swing the Johnson deal as a good one. Rutherford's still really high on Gleason, and it's true that he's an NHL defenceman, but the rest is just window dressing for a mediocre 'go for it' deal.

Lombardi knows what he's doing (aside from signing Rob Blake, that is).

Lombardi knows what he's doing (aside from signing Rob Blake, that is).

And Dan Cloutier.

As I've said before:

Only time will tell, with the Johnson deal. The reason the deal was made in the first place was because the org didn't want to deal with Jack Sr., who had been calling all the shots to date--it was starting to look very uncomfortably like an Eric Lindros-type situation, and really there isn't anything that's worth that kind of drama.

If the whole thing plays out that way, then I think Rutherford will look like a genius. Otherwise....oh well.

Lombardi knows what he's doing (aside from signing Rob Blake, that is).

Which fills up the rink with people believing the team can compete because it has Rob Blake and making sure to stay above the cap floor?

didn't the franchise that picked Lindros benefit quite nicely from that "drama"

Just what I was thinking. I wouldn't be comparing Lindros' initial trade with Johnson's trade just yet. The Nords got Peter Forsberg, a gaggle of above average NHLers, a pile of cash and two Stanley Cups out of trading their headache away.

I'm yet to be convinced that Tim Gleason is the foundation of a similar return.

Rutherford gambled. And it's looking like he's lost.

Um... maybe my memory's failing me

Or perhaps I was referring to the way Lindros turned out for the Flyers, NOT his little draft-day "I refuse to play for a French team" stunt that the Nordiques wound up benefitting handsomely from.

Sorry, I'll be sure to draw a detailed picture next time.

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