Friday, February 23, 2007


Oilers/Wings: Open Thread, Possibly Solitary Rant

Do people actually attend games in Hockeytown, USA? Or are the Tigers playing again tonight? Pfft.


Why the hell is Roloson mad about that first goal? What a psycho.

WHAT THE FUCK? That roughing call on Pouliot may be the single worst penalty call I've ever seen. And now we are down 2-0. Thanks for costing us the game, NHL referees.

Nice call asshole. Ferraro is the man for calling that horseshit "If that's roughing, we should all wear a skirt."

I wasn't going to let you rant in solitude...

then the Wings bagged another.

Perhaps I'll just keep it quiet over here.

I can't believe those shit calls, even the one on Reasoner. Bull.

Sounds like Thoreson had a good opportunity

Can we trade Roloson? Like tonight? I really wish he'd shut his A$*(%^$*% mouth and just play.

Oilers are playing really well. Pisani and Shaggy are back. But we're down 2-0 on one so-so call, and one totally phantom call. I'm still convinced it must have happened somewhere else. Because if the call was on that replay, it really was the worst call I've ever seen.

SMYTTY!! Whew. Okay boys. Let's keep at er.

Whoa, what a pass by Thorsen and of course, Smitty banks it in!!!


Can he be traded to the Canucks, PLEASE????

No we're keeping him until after the season, where he'll be unsigned. You can take a crack at him then.

I hope Lupul broke his nose. Maybe if he's uglier, he'll play less of a pretty game.

I gotta say, the Oil are looking like they've got some zip considering that they played last night. 94-83-10 are just on fire as a line right now.

Wow. Kronwall with the leap into his hit. Can the players please do their hemets up? And there's no need for Raffi to go after him on that play. Take the PP, and get eve later.

Well, if Lupul hadnt folded his tent for the season yet, he certainly will after that hit. I don't have an issue with the timing, but the elbow to the teeth is a joke.

Colin Campbell is doing a fantastic job, no? Give the man a raise.

Torres is such a numbskull. How many times has he taken a penalty for reacting to something the opposing team does?

The Oil should be on a PP right now.

I think we can stop describing what Stoll got as a mild concussion at this point.

The Oilers radio guys (not sure if they are the same as PPV commentators) are going nuts that Kronwall only got two minutes.

I didn't see the hit. Was it really that bad?

Can the refs please stop ruining this hockey game?

Where to begin?

The reffing is beyond bad.

Kronwall's is especially cowardly for a guy wearing a fully caged helmet.

I want to hunt him down in the off season.

Sykora's GETTING A PENALTY!>??!?!?!


Whoa Sykora?? That was not a penalty. Come one-sided has this been so far??

This is fucking terrible.

3 on 3 hockey. That tells you everything about this game. They Oilers shoudl just refuse to come out for the 2nd period. Give them the 2 points, and make a point. What a joke.


Hahaha, don't see that very often...

Brutal. Just fucking brutal. I remember back when Vic Ferrari used to post on the interweb, he'd say that the Wings got the calls. Not a fucking doubt they're getting them tonight. The one on Tjaggy, sure, but the Sykora call was horseshit.

Give them the 2 points, and make a point. What a joke.

I think coming out in the second and scoring four goals would make more of a statement.

And it would be the start of the Oilers getting back in the playoff picture.

Oh. Crap. What hath the refs wrought?

Ooooh almost a shorty by Smitty. Damn, no luck for the Oilers tonight.

Almost the incredibly rare 5 on 3 shorty...still, a Lidstrom penalty is pretty fucking rare too.

I didn't see the hit. Was it really that bad?

It was one of the blinside hits that have been happening all season. The only difference is that Kronwell leapt on the hit. And I mean really leapt.

I'll take the Lidstrom penalty on the Smyth half-breakaway, but that was an awful call, too. No way that was a penalty. Both teams should request new refs.

Ah, the Lidstrom call, at least he was taking away a scoring chance with the stick. I'm hoping we see something like last night's insanity. I want to see Roli do in Hasek. If someone left the bench, found Yzerman's suite and beat him down too, I'd be ok with that.

Gator was pretty diplomatic about the refs. But I like the "if they believe it's a penalty, I guess it's a penalty" remark. Really hits the subjectivity and utter randomness on the head. Who are the reafs, anyway?

Marc-Andre Cliche? You have to be kidding me. Is that the kid's real name? That has to be the best hockey name EVER. EVER!!!

The Lidstrom call was garbage.

I hate this bush league. Refs clearly get punished for not making calls up.

Stupid trapezoids, shootouts, cheering against OT, third jerseys, empty arenas, endless expansion parity, and did I mention the refs?


If anyone needs me, I'll be in the alley next to my apartment, beating the crap out of pigeons.

No more beer for Mike.

I can't believe Mac T hasn't blown a gasket yet!
Sportsnet announcers leave something to be desired. Hits to the head...blah blah blah...
Hasek is about to fall apart and the Oilers will win.

You know, I've said this before but I believe it to be true - when you get under the skin of most goalies (ie Belfour) they play like shit. But it seems like players get under Rolie's skin so often it doesn't affect his play at all. Like Andy says, he basically went psycho because Holmstrom was in front, that happens on virtually every offensive zone chance.

The real problem with the Zetterberg chance that drew two penalties is that Tjarnqvist didn't just go psycho on Zetterberg right away. If you're going to take a penalty that doesn't even stop the chance (ie Shaggy's face pull) at least hurt the guy.

But it seems like players get under Rolie's skin so often it doesn't affect his play at all.

I disagree. I think it really affects his game. Like on that second goal. He could have been out further, right up against Holmstrom. But he was back a bit, and it snuck under his arm. I think he pays too much attention to that stuff, and he doesn't get calls because he never stops yapping. He's basically the Lindy Ruff of goalies.

Loubardias: Hasek is down and on his back...he seems to operate better in that position.
Ferraro (in a better world): Kind of like your mom, Peter.

Lupul with a concussion....yeah that sounds about right.

How is this still a topic of discussion while guys are still wearing those ridiculous fucking shoulder pads.

Am I the only one who held the belief that leaping into a hit is to be considered charging? It's my assumption that it has traditionally been called that way, but it's obviously not being called that way now. So maybe I'm just nuts.

How come none of the commenters ever talk about the need for players to do their damn helmets up properly? You wouldn't see NFL players lining up with their helmets half on. It's just stupid. That Drury injury occured because his helmet flew off before he hit the ice, Gilbert's helmet was half-off when he hit the ice last night, and Lupul's was hlf off, too.

Ooooh Oilers get a penalty...I'm shocked. Elbowing? Yeah right, another good call.

Peter Loubardias: "Bing...Bang...DOINK."

You're right Andy. Charging used to be call all the time and it was leaping in the air, leaving your feet to make a hit. It's hardly ever called anymore.

"Bing, bang, doink"... the genius of Loubardias.

Eleven penalties called in 25 minutes, and none have been majors. And why isn't Stortini dressed? The guy's been money. He should be in over Jacques.

"Mott's Fruit Classic's: All you can taste is fruit. For many years, Mark Messier was..."

I thought Loubardias was about to reference certain unsavoury rumours there for a second.

I'm surprised he's not playing...he was great last night.

stortini was sent down to make roster room for Pisani

The concussion problem is absolutley the result of the shoulder pads now worn.

I remember when I started playing football in high school after several years of playing hockey how the added equipment made it possible to launch yourself like a missle at people.

Whenever football season ended and hockey season started it always took me a couple games to learn how to "hockey hit" again, and the lesson usually came with a wobbly skate to the bench after delivering a hit....

The amount of padding now worn makes it possible to be fearless about how one hurdles themselve into a check.

I just assumed he had a concussion.


This game is really reminding me of the playoffs. Which is a good sign.

Tico! That line's played well tonight. This team is sucking me in again.

If you could put Dan Hejda's brain in MAB's body, you'd have an elite NHL PP QB.

stortini was sent down to make roster room for Pisani

Sent down? Lowe must be playing with cap space. Well, he'll be back up after that Lupul hit.

Fuck. Tough break.

Fucking Torres. He draws the penalty and then jumps up and takes the second. Jesus fucking murphy.

Magni Thoresen with 2 assists? Nice!

"Fucking Torres. He draws the penalty and then jumps up and takes the second. Jesus fucking murphy."

The NHL's attitude towards "retaliation" is misguided IMO. Why not give Maltby 2 penalties there and Torres 1? I'm not saying Torres should get free reign there, but nothing at all happens there if Maltby doesn't stir the pot after the whistle.

What's wrong with 2 minutes for roughing to Maltby and Torres, and 2 minutes for being a jerk to Maltby

Agree, speeds. But what the hell is with Torres? That's two retaliation penalties tonight. Did he learn nothing in Vancouver?

I'm off to ball hockey. Enjoy, folks! And GOILERS!?

There was a story in the news today about how birds have the capacity to learn. You'd think Torres could pull it off but indications aren't positive.

End of the month? Does that mean in a week or the end of next month?

How long until someone mentions how terrible the Oilers PP is?

You know, Lupul not playing could be a real positive for this team.

Maybe the concussion will knock the hockey into him.

Ooooh tying goal by Reasoner!!!!

Yeah, the Oilers are going to be back in the playoff race in two weeks.

Same old script.

Maybe the concussion will knock the hockey into him.

Bold prediction, but I'll respectfully disagree!

Can someone punch Loubardias in the mouth? So far he's informed us that Lidstrom hasn't scored in forever and Maltby has never scored against the Oilers in a regular season game. Why doesn't he just go down and break Ryan Smyth's arm with a crowbar or something?

Fuck did Cleary ever pwn Staios on that move.

"Thoreson with an unforgiveable giveaway"


I don't think that this is going to end well, but a point on the road in Detroit at the end of a B2B and on G6 of a 7 gamer is pretty sweet.

It'd be nice if they weren't 7 pts out of the playoffs, but still.

Fuck this stupid league. Fuck them. Brutal non-call.

No call on Hemsky's breakaway? Bullshit.

Oh yes, the stupid shootout now. Fuck, I hate it.


Hey, these shootouts are pretty good.

Two wins in a row? Huge wins!! And only 5 pts behind Calgary. Yeah look out behind you Lames!!!!

Where the hell is Grabia?

And he calls himself a fan.


He went to play with some balls.

- I love it when Torres plays like that, penalties be damned. He was a grade A asshole all other words, he was on his game.

- I hope Lupul is confused by that hit and thinks he's Jarome Iginla. NOT Jarmoe, Jarome.

- Sign Smyth NOW.

- Man, Jason Smith would look REALLY good with another top-pairing D-man. Not that I don't like Hejda (how kickass would a 2nd pairing of Staios-Hejda be?).

- Thoresen with a good game. Ditto Reasoner.

- Fuck you Kronwall, fuck you Maltby, fuck you Chelios, fuck you Cleary.

- Roloson on fire. Love it!

- Reffing sucked. Detroit sure gets the benefit of the doubt often, eh?

Incredibly poor officiating. That entire first period was a mystery and the rest of the game was only marginally better. The Pouliot penalty was a joke and so was the one on Horcoff.

The Kronwall hit was definitely dirty. You can't leave your feet. I'm a little surprised the Oilers didn't get a little more bloodthirsty after that one. They didn't get even by any stretch.

I told you. The Hockey Gods are gunning for a meaningful season ending BofA. Even Satan's Spawn on Earth, the refs, couldn't turn the tide.

I didn't get to watch the game until OT because of work, but attendance at the Joe has been quite an issue. Unfortunately, it's still hard to come by tickets. I wanted to go to the Wings/Chicago game next Friday since I had time off for Spring Break, but I can't get tickets on Ticketmaster. So it's not that people aren't buying tickets, it's that they get them and then don't show up. Which sucks for people like me who have to turn to eBay or Stubhub to get tickets...

"Am I the only one who held the belief that leaping into a hit is to be considered charging?"

You are absolutely right - that is exactly how the rule is written. Unfortunately, I have never once seen it called that way in the NHL.

I personally was never a fan of writing in a rule to penalize shots to the head but after last night's game I turned around on that one. Hits to the head are often the least fun to watch and most likely to injure. Hipchecks (like those TWO in OT btw), however, are where it's at.

Hipchecks (like those TWO in OT btw), however, are where it's at.

Totally. If I was a player, I'd have Craig Muni mentor me in the art of the hipcheck. He'd live in my poolhouse and everything.

What made the call on Pouliot so bad was that the penalty was mean for a totally different player (Smid, I believe) who had actually committed a roughing penalty at the blueline. The ref's arm went up at center immediately and it wasn't until a few seconds later that Pouliot made his totally harmless contact along the boards.

The incompetence of those officials was staggering. How they mixed up #5 with #78 is beyond me.

As for the Kronwall hit, I don't think it was dirty, but I'll set aside my Red-and-White glasses and say that I do think it should be a suspendable offense. Hits to the head should be worth a suspension, regardless of intent, as far as I'm concerned.

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