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Oilers/Wild Open Thread

The Tetragrammaton said I should rest this day, and so I shall. Go forth, Oilers, and multiply thine success...


p.s. Is this Sun article actually titled "Too Legit To Quit"? Wow. That is all kinds of wrong. Oh, and check out this article. Apparently Sabres owner Tom Golisano thinks that clean hits equal "maiming". No wonder everyone thinks the Sabres organization and fan base are a bunch of whiners. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


The most likely outcomes of the two games remaining affecting the Oilers are a MIN win today and a CAL win tomorrow night. If both of those events occus (with MIN winning in reg) EDM would be 9 pts back of both teams - a clear sell position in a market that seems to be returning quite well, and I think Lowe would have to be a total seller and given what top end rentals are fetching, I think he'd have to very seriously consider moving Smyth if he can't get him signed.


What does Zhithik have left on his contract? He gets you a Brayden Coburn?

I think nothing happens on the Smyth front.

I can see that playing out Speeds - saw some of the Flames/Sharks last night and things were looking good but then not so much. Oilers lose today and that might help Lowe make his decision.

Tkachuk went to Atlanta for three draft picks (1st and 3rd rounds this year, 2nd next year) and Glen Metropolit. If the Trashers sign him for next season the Blues get an additional draft pick, a first rounder in '08.

Yeesh, the price to pry Smyth from the Oilers hands just got astronomical. It's gonna take four players and six draft picks now!

Listening to hockey games on the radio is like having sex with your clothes on, so I'm gonna wait and just download this tomorrow to actually watch it. I'm not sure how that's related to having sex, but I guess I could say I can handle delayed gratification.

Not a bad game so far. So many broken plays in the neutral zone, though.

Actually, I would suggest that listening to the game on the radio is more like having sex while blind-folded. But hey, to each his own.

terrific vision by Pouliot with about 2:10 left in the 2nd, made a really nice read there.

And crap, MIN scores. 1-0 MIN.


The Wild are really stifling down low today, especially on the rush.

The Oil are going to have to start generating more chances from the point -- most of their best chances have come from there so far.

Is there a team more boring than Minnesota? I drifted off for a few minutes.

And Lupul is playing. I didn't expect to him for a few more games.

Blowing up Matt Greene and MAB has been a surprisingly good move.

Mathieu Roy has some good moves on the blueline, especially earlier in this period. I just wish Tom Gilbert would get more starts.

Hey this is sweet. The game is on Sopcast and is early enough that I can still watch it with the time change AND comment here.

Of course, there isn't really much to comment on.

I'm with speeds, though. If the Oil lose and Calgary wins, Smyth is gone and so are a bunch of others.

Well, if Tom Gilbert wasn't injured, I'm sure that he'd be playing today.

I hope to hell this is NOT Ryan Smyth's last game in an Oiler uniform.

And I wish and pray that it IS Joffrey Lupul's last game in an Oiler uniform.

Oh, one other thing....did you notice the play where Hemsky got taken into the end boards by Johnsson early in the 2nd, but there was no call? The Greene penalty that lead to the 2nd Wild goal was pretty much the same play. Precisely what I hate about NHL officiating. Gross inconsistency.

Anyone else catch that bizarre Gene Principe exchange with Derek Boogaard?

Where else in life can a man ask another man about his measurements and then say "Good enough for me!"

psst... hey sac... which cahnnel?

It's on NHL4; but they keep flipping between games. I think (hope) they will go back to the Oil once the period begins.


Yep, it's back on NHL4

Fucking useless PP. God! I mean...God! NYARGH!

My goodness Pisani deserves a statue.

Oh fuck it all. You don't cheat on Gaborik

I'd like to see MacT try to decline a penalty. Just to see if it works.

I'm stuck doing a project but snuck onto a computer. What happened to Smid? Someone help!

If Smyth is traded for a bunch of draft picks I'll die.

Smid got taken out by Boogaard. Caught a knee in the thigh, looks like a charleyhorse.

I feel bad for Jan Hejda. Guy makes one mistake all game and it leads to a goal, and he'll probably read about it a ton tomorrow. Meanwhile, another lacklustre, ineffective, irrelevant, and downright terrible showing from Joffrey Lupul will go largely unnoticed.

As for the powerplay, the ineffectiveness of the unit with Petersen out there is perfectly illustrated tonight. The guy is NOT a threat to shoot, so the PKers can cheat on the passing lanes whenever he has the puck. The entire unit is thus neutralized.

I think it's official that the Oilers are sellers. I hope to hell that doesn't mean they'll go and give away Smith and Smyth. I'd openly boo Kevin Lowe when he's introduced on Tuesday night during the Messier ceremonies if such came to pass.

Thanks doogie. I feel better now. I assumed it was another damn concussion or something.

Penalty to Greene. I'm thinking that's the game.

My only problem with the "Smyth is good as gone" angle is that Smyth has always signed for a pretty close to his market value. He's not exactly Mike Comrie.

If Lowe's smart, he finds to get Smyth for $5 - 5.5 million and somehow trades a Lupul or Sykora at the deadline. Getting rid of Smyth for draft picks only makes this team worse, not just now, but for the future.

He's too good to lose.

4-1 Minny final. 2-3-2 road trip.

Now is it time to fantank?


I especially loved Ferraro spinning bullshit on how Tjarnqvist couldn't play this game because... why, exactly? All I heard was ramblings on injuries, starts, and lineup changes.

I agree Mike, but if Smyth doesn't sign before the deadline I would trade him if I were Lowe.

Draft picks and prospects aren't as good as Smyth, but they are better than nothing. Hell, EIG could use the 800K saved on Smyth's salary for the rest of the season to help bid on Smyth again come July 1st. OR, put it in their pockets.


Fucking EIG! Pocklington in hydra form.

I don't know why, but I think a Smyth trade would bum me out more than the Gretzky trade did, and when you consider the fact I was 13 in August 1988 and 31 now, that's something. Probably something about myself I don't want to acknowledge, but something nonetheless.

I like Speeds because he seems the game well, and Mike I loved that MP pass as well. He looked towards the right wing and then went back to the left wing and make it seem very doable and smooth, but Mike wants to trade everyone all the friggin' time;) He's like James Caan at the playboy mansion;)

In today's Ott Sun Garroich basically said 94 started off asking for 5/29 and has now gone down to 5/25. Meanwhile the Oilers are offering 4/19. If it's that close then I can see why Lowe isn't panicking. I don't want to lose anyone for nothing but man oh man it would be hard to take seeing Ryan with another team.

As for today? Not a lot to see. 14 made a terrible blind backhand chip that lead to the 1-0 goal and then a wonderfully stupid penalty by Greene that lead to the 2-0. Oilers played a decent enough last 30 min but the rebounds just escaped the grasp of Ryan and I thought the Wild blocked a lot of shots in the second period.

As much I know that Bergy did a great job with the soft min for the vast majority of his Oilers career there's a little piece of me that will remember Afinegenov getting inside of him for that goal on Buf and then MAB not being able to tie up John Pohl on the goalt in TO. So please god if this is Greene's last game as an Oiler I'll remember all the breakout passes he muffed plus the two PP's he caused today.

Roy was back there looking smooth again today so let's turf Matt Greene and move on. Also yes it was funny to hear Ferraro making excues for the Shaggy "HS". It had better be a trade because I thought Shaggy looked great on Fri night and there was no reason for him to miss today's game.


Why? Smyth being traded would mean absolutely nothing. You could get two 1sts for him, easily (maybe more) given the current sellers' market. If he won't accept the deal that is being offered at this time then what difference does it make? Why make the hard push today when you can do the same thing July 1 and net major rewards in the short term? The Oilers are not making the playoffs- wouldn't Smyth be somewhat interested in mercenary duty with a winner? (I don't buy the whole "it will offend him" or some such. He's defined the discourse on pay for play - so it's a business, big whoop.)

It's a business. Allowing emotion to get in the way is always a mistake. Do you think Oiler fans would really care one way or another whether he plays for us the next 20 games or not, provided next Oct if he's an Oiler again?


Dennis -- Tjaggy seems to be made of glass. I remember earlier in the season Greene was in the pbox and then returned to take Tj out. I refuse to believe the coaching staff feels about Tj the way they did about Tarnstrom - then again they keep running 20 out for the full 2min every PP. Maybe Tj's pubis is just a little sore ;)

As for Roy - yeah, wtf? He has always had more secondary skills than Greene (note the AHL numbers - he was pwning that league this year) and is also a RHD. For the love of god he's younger than Greene! (I get a kick out of ppl calling him a "career AHLer to this point"). Does anyone think Roy would be less effective than Greene if he had Greene's 104 NHL games instead of just his 12? Is he actually less effective right now? Madness I tells ya (coming from the team that decided to play Smid and Greene 40+ games while Hejda collected dust...)


Dennis, it's not that I want to trade Smyth, I would much rather see him signed pre-deadline, but if he's not signed by the deadline I don't see what makes it more likely that he'll sign before testing the UFA waters.

Just read that Garrioch article , and from reading it I would imageine they'll get a deal done pre-deadline, assuming the article is factually correct:

Smyth's asking for 25 over 5, and the Oilers are offering 23.75 over 5? How could they not get that done?


If Smyth is asking for 25over5 he's leaving some serious bling on the table.

Make the deal in a heartbeat.

Oilers best chance on Smyth is to sign him first before he's a UFA. I'm thinking more like 19 over 3.

How about Smyth to the Canucks for Bulis, Chouinard, a second round pick, and a third round pick?


That joke about Smyth going to the 'nuks wasn't funny the first time and it has not improved with age and frequency of use.

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