Thursday, February 15, 2007


Oilers Game Day - Sabres

Andy's in the basement, but Dennis has some long, rambling, Dennis-y thoughts over at mc79hockey.

Prediction: if Roli doesn't have a big game against his former squad, it's going to be ugly. But, on Any Given Thursday... I can't do it myself, but feel free to drop the ridiculous GOILERS neologism in the comments. And try to get it settled in regulation, please: we don't need this contest running over into the main event at 7:30.


I'd like to point out that my lack of posting has nothing to do with the Oil loss against Boston, but is related to some personal matters. Thanks for posting for me, Matt.

GOILERS - yabba dabba doo!

Holy crap there is a lot of Oilers fans in Buffalo. That Horcoff goal almost sounded like a home game.

Wow, Nashville gets Foppa.

Sounds like a real battle is going on in the crowd there.

My goodness. This game is making me hot.

fuckkkkkkkin brilliant Oiler effort so far.....!

i like the aggression. Rollie is ON, and pissed.

As soon as Ferraro said "with all this action, i can't believe there's only been one goal" I knew Buffalo was going to score. Course, it might not have happened if Ales Hemsky had decided that shooting the puck from three feet away was a good idea.

Wow. Quiet night here. I hope everyone was at least watching. It's been a hell of a game.

I've been listening on the radio (buffalo feed), sounds like a good game... but that Sabres commentator has a tendency to go nuts at everything.

Have you managed to find any love for Roli, Grabia?

And the proper pronunciation is "Horcroft", not Horcoff as you were led to believe.

Just thought I'd pass that along :-)

Roli played great. I'll admit it. Too bad on that last shot. It was a doozy. Rick Jeanneret must have freaked. I love that guy.

Ah, I really wish Toby hadn't taken himself out of position with that slide.

I wish i could watch but i'm sick out of my skull and cramming for a midterm. glad the oil will get at least a point out of this game.

fuckin oilers, man. everytime i think i've emotionally detached myself from them, they pull me back in.


Dudes, I totally could've pinch hit for AG if I knew he was gonna be out of the mix but Young MC offered me a no-trade clause over at his site;)


But yeah it was an awesome back and forth game. Four awesome games in a row for Roli now and we need to get at least one of 16 or 34 back post-haste, we need to stage a coup of the Oilers mgmt and ownership to make a fucking trade and prop up the infantile defense and then we have to hope that the wild actually loses a game or so.


Their best game of the year, wow what a game. If only Roli could have that last shot back.

Their best game of the year, wow what a game. If only Roli could have that last shot back.

I'd say the Canes game was better, but this was damn close. Dennis, if you want to pinch-hit, I'll be out of commision til Monday. Email me, and I'll get you on board.

I might just do that AG. We'll see what Ty's got in mind for his site come Sat and if he has something of his own to post then maybe I'll repersent BOA style. Edmonton playing the Leaves is a touchy one for me so the venom will flow freely for that one;)


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