Thursday, February 15, 2007


I Love It When They Call Me Big Foppa

Peter Forsberg has been traded to the Nashville Predators. Was it too steep a price? Depends on whether he stays healthy, I guess. The effect it will have on the rest of the Western Conference will be interesting. Will it trigger more moves? I'd imagine that the Red Wings, at least, are now going to be more aggressive in improving their roster.


I guess the Radulov rumours were just that.

It's time for the Oilers to realize they are out of the playoff hunt and do the only honourable thing.

Trade Smyth to Vancouver. :-)

I wouldn't say the price is too steep. The first rounder will be 25-30th overall and the third rounder is... well, a third round pick. Upshall is a decent young player but only had 3 points in 14 games this year. Parent is a young D-man but the Preds seem pretty stacked at that position.

I wouldn't want to be the number 8 seed if Nashville takes the west, or the number 5 seed if Detroit takes #1 and Nashville finishes 4th.


On the one hand this sucks because the Preds are the likely opp if the Oilers can somehow magically sneak into 8th place.

On the other hand...Forsberg didn't go to Van and he didn't go to Mtl and he didn't go to Det so that makes me somewhat happy:)

And AG...throw your hands in the air 'cause you's a true playa. awesome title:)

K, now that Parent is in Philly, they can afford to toss us Pitkanen, right?

K, now that Parent is in Philly, they can afford to toss us Pitkanen, right?

I thought the same thing, Julian. If only we had a goalie we could send them...

Lowe should jedi-mind Philly into thinking a "seasoned" goalie would be good to mentor a young defense core.

It's worked wonders for us this year.

Julian, don't worry.

Now that Forsberg is in Nashville I'm sure the Preds are going to go all the way and trade one of their other promising young dmen for Steve Staios.


Weber and Radulov for Pronger was what I had hoped for pre-season myself.

Oh well, I'll just keep believing that Smid will turn into Lidstrom without a slapshot but more sandpaper by next year and dominate the NHL for the next 18 years.

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