Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Hot Oil Eases The Pain

Congrats to Oilogosphere Hot-Off winner Mike W. from Covered in Oil. This video is a great way to start off your day, especially if you suffered through that loss to the Canucks last night.


Great line from Tychkowski this morning:

"But you can't give NHL refs a chance to screw up because too often they will."

PS: That was amazing.

Chris! never had a chance against that piece of brilliance. He pours the wine with such smoothness.

It was amazing, wasn't it? It's uncanny how much that cut-out looked like MAB, too.

Lol, that was awesome...

Just what the BofA readers need after those two brutal performances of last night...

- Randy

PS: Go Flames!

Was it the vacant eyes or the slightly lost look that made it look like MAB?

People may have to double click on it and go straight to the YouTube page. It's not finishing on this page, at least not for me.

Was it the vacant eyes or the slightly lost look that made it look like MAB?

Totally the nose.

I think I've watched this about twenty times now. My favourite part has to be the fireworks at the end.

It was nice of Mike to save that for the final because it would have ruined a lot of fun if he dropped that nuke on the competition in the first round.

As mentioned on Hot Oil, I think we need a contest to caption what makes Mike W. laugh.

Based on the Oilers' death march we may need all the diversion we can get.

paul coffey ... why is it that i feel like crying ...

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