Saturday, February 03, 2007


Hockeyville, AB

I'll probably be paying attention to the CBC at the intermission for a change.

After 40, they'll be playing the submission from the Town of Warner for Hockeyville; Warner is a little place about a 30 minute drive south of here in Lethbridge, and is home to the Warner Hockey School, which is sorta-kinda the girls answer to Notre Dame (the Saskatchewan one, that is).


Smithers finished second last year, but it doesn't look like we're going for it this year.

Go Warner Go!

Notre Dame has a women's hockey program, too. And they do quite well for themselves. I say this because one of my best buddies is an alumnus, and would kill me if I failed to mention it.

Warner is my hometown. You can rate the Warner video right now at GO WARNER GO!

Didn't follow the series this year but viewed the final five videos and voted for Warner. Sorry to hear you didn't win but congrats on an excellent job!!

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