Saturday, February 03, 2007


Good game, good game, good game, ...

Calgary's going to win the Northwest. They have to continue striving to improve & gel over the final two months, and hell yeah they have to learn how to be a better road team, but they're dangerous. Time to start paying extra attention to Dallas and Minnesota, because it appears that it's one of them or Vancouver that's going to finish 6th, meaning they're going to be Hurdle #1.


The great thing about this year's edition of the Flames is they can actually finish. It's been so frustrating watching them fumble the puck into the net the past few years. Huselius is quickly evolving into a top level talent. I wonder how long the Flames will be able to afford him.

I agree that the Flames will likely win the Northwest division, given their depth now. I'm hoping to see those PP and PK numbers continue to improve. If they do, they can compete with anyone, as their 5 on 5 numbers are among the best in the league.

The NW has not yet been deiced. Vancouver is still in the running, and we've got Edmonton coming up on Tuesday (ie two easy points!)

Congrats on the win tonight, but don't get yer hopes up just yet.

we've got Edmonton coming up on Tuesday (ie two easy points!)

Those points wouldn't have came so easily this last Thursday without the two ping-pong goals the Canucks benefited from. It would have been an embarrassment if you guys had dropped that game after those gifts.

Here's to you eating your words and the Oil coming out on top this Tuesday.

Those are not three nice options for the first round of the playoffs... series winner will probably have 12 goals after seven games.

Lundmark has now scored two goals for the Kings. What the hell was going on in Calgary?

I'll have to look at the hilites of #2, but he scored his first much like Perry Berezan scored his only series winner - by being the last guy to touch the puck before the other team's defenseman did something really stupid.

Grabia: Look at Lundmark's production with the Flames last season when he got traded -- 10 points in 12 games. It seems a change of scenery does him good, offensively.

He's just a mentally weak player and he's going to slump in LA like he has for every other team.

Was the save you guys were talking about the save on Huselius? That was sick. I love how Morrison actually assumes it's a goal, throws his head back in disgust, and then realizes Luongo may in fact have it.

Yep, that was the one.

Woo! Good stuff all around the last couple of days. Also, Lombardi is starting look dangerous out there again.

I think hurdle #1 is figuring out how not to be absolute dogs on the road. If you guys lose one of your home games in G1 and 2 then you're in big trouble off the bat.

I loved Hughson's work last year with the Oilers/SJ and Oilers/Ana series' but he's an absolute donkey when he's doing a national game with the Canucks leading.


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