Thursday, February 15, 2007


Flames Game Night

The Flames host the Avs in the first of 3 straight (730-ish PM MT, RSN West)-- they host the Avs again Saturday, and go to Denver Tuesday (Sakic & Co. go home via Vancouver, where they play Sunday night).

Signs are promising... Flames have won 5 straight matchups; Flames have won all 5 in Calgary since the lockout; and, the Flames are 11-0-1 this season at home against non-playoff WC teams.

Colorado is desperate, but hey, most NHL teams play hard most days. It's not enough, and neither is Peter Boo-Die.

Calgary 4 (Lombardi, Primeau, Iginla, Langkow)
Colorado 1 (Krzyzewski x2)

Go Flames.



not to be a prick but Krzyzewski x2 = 2 colorado goals.

matt's prediction is looking on point, yet again.

You just don't know your Polish alphabet, greywall...

Heh heh... 5-4 Colorado!!

I revel in my Flames hate.

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I can do this all night in absence of of any real Flames fans on this blog.

What a ridiculous game this is. Do the Flames even practise getting the puck out of their own zone? From what I can see lately, they don't seem do. Terrible.

Luongo > Kipper


Now you Flames fans know what it's like to watch the Oilers D every night. Not so much fun, is it.

If Theodore gets the win here, it will be his 11th of the year, and his first against a top 8 team since December 7th.

Painful, just painful.

Is it just me or do the Flames suck defensively since Stuart arrived?

So nerve-racking...but so good. The Flames just got owned.

It was 4-2 last I checked. WOOO HOOOO!!!

Nice to see Joe Sakic get #600 on the Most Exciting Play in Hockey .
That must have been horrible for Flames fans to endure, but mike, andy and the Oilers faithful can't be too gleeful, with the Avs now only a single point behind Edmonton.

Crap game, no doubt. Whatever it is they're doing that makes it possible for the opponent to get 17 shots in a period can't continue.

And I'm pissed for Lombardi. He should be getting pats on the back right now, not giving the print media the ol' "we just have to do a better job at blah blah".

but mike, andy and the Oilers faithful can't be too gleeful, with the Avs now only a single point behind Edmonton.

Oh, I think we gave up on the season after that second Canucks loss. It's all gravy now.

I "gave" up on the season after the OTL vs Dal on Jan 4th but I won't totally "give" up on the season until it's officially over. That being said the Avholes have a tough enough sked that they should land in no higher than 10th place.

In the meantime any loss that pushes the Flames further away from HIA in the first round, and thus to say Ana for their first round matchup, is something I can get behind.

A brutal home loss by a team that hardly ever loses at home.


Boy oh boy...
something is just not right in their heads these days. They can't play defense to save their lives.

Boy, I hate this schedule. I can't believe they voted to keep this crap around. With so many divisional games, you can't avoid stupid situations like the Flames playing Colorado three times in a row.

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